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Colors TV Serial Naagin 6 Twist: Pratha Finds her Daughter Meher

Colors Tv brought the supernatural fictional television serial Naagin 6 which premiered on 12 February 2022. Balaji Telefilms launched the serial under the direction of Ekta Kapoor. The story of Naagin 6 is not a love-revenge story like other seasons. It is inspired by Covid 19 pandemic. The main leads are Tejaswi Parakash, Simba Nagpal and Mehak Chahal.  Mehek Chahal is portraying the role of Shesh Naagin. The main role of the male lead has been played by Simbha Nagpal whereas Tejassvi Prakash plays the role of the female lead.

Naagin 6 Colors Tv Serial Cast.

In this story of Naagin Season 6, everyone is worried about who will save the country from such a huge pandemic and the scientists take help from the Naagins. They help them find the superheroes who will support them in fighting against Covid-19. The male lead Risabh Gujral will be a devoted citizen who is ready to sacrifice himself for the betterment of the country.

Naagin Season 6 Written Story: Colors TV

In Naagin 6 the serpent queen is back as Shehsh Naagin. Shesh Naagin is born when hundreds of Nagins merged into 1. So she has the power of 100 Nagins. The story is mainly about the 2020 pandemic. This pandemic made the lives of millions of people turn upside down throughout the World. Shesh Naagin is called upon to save the country as people are dying from the pandemic. And also to punish those who have let perpetrators a way to damage India. So, basically, the story let out around the 2020 pandemic and India’s enemies and security.

Winner of big boss season 15, Tejassvi is playing the role of Pratha. She is a simple and ordinary girl. She is trying to get a well-paying job. The other main lead Rishabh Gujral is an army officer and is always ready to sacrifice his life for the country. In this story, we will see how science and spirituality make a difference in the world. The plot is set to locate and kill twenty Asuras who are plotting against the country.

Pratha Marries Rishabh:

In the latest episodes, we saw Pratha reveal her true self as Naagin in order to save Mehak. She marries Rishbah to find out about the traitors in his family. The first Asura is dead. In the second one, Lalit has forget the identity of Naagin after they tried to kill him. Now the Naagin sisters are finding the next Asura. Rishabh has a doubt about Pratha. And, He is getting closer to Pratha in order to find the truth about her. Pratha and Mehek kill the third Asura and solved the mystery.

Just like the Professor of money heist, this story also has a professor. The professor tells them to stop the poison-filled truck and sort out the remaining Asuras.

Shangrila Challenges Sheesh-Naagin:

Shangri- La, a new red Naagin enters the story. It is an artificial Naagin that has been manufactured in a lab. She has taken the body of Shalaka. Before dying Shangri La mixed poison in Pratha’s drink. The revelation of Paratha as a Shesh Naagin took place but she drank the blessed milk. Both sisters find the fifth Asura. She comes to know it was his father who has a dubious history.  Later she kills him with the help of lord Ram.  Pratha and Rishabh are developing feelings for each other. As Yash is a sheesh Naag and wants to marry Pratha but Pratha refuses to marry him.

But Soon, Pratha realizes her true love for Rishabh. Seema Gujral turns out to be the seventh Asura who already knows Pratha’s truth. Seema belongs to Kalkeya Vansh who are after Amrith Kalash for ages. In the tussle for Amrith Kalash, Seema’s true face comes in front of  Rishbah.  Later Seema falls into a coma. Pratha finally tells the truth to Rishabh that she is a sheesh Naagin. She also confesses her love and tells him that she is trying to lose her powers. She wants to live a normal life with him.

Pratha gives up on her powers of Sheesh Naagin. And, Mehak becomes her true enemy because of this.

Naagin 6 To Take 1 Year Leap:

A new rival arrived by the name of Yeti.  Mehak has to fight with him. It is difficult for her as he has no guts like Pratha. Yeti is sent by Farishta. He fights with Mehek but she gives him all of her powers. Pratha becomes Sheesh Naagin again.

Pratha returns back as Kiara. After some time, it is revealed that Rishabh has a twin brother named Shakhti. Mehek confesses how she fooled Rishabh by making him believe that Pratha is cheating on him. Shakti sees Pratha in the room where he is locked up and is lusting for her. He wants to be intimate with her. Rishabh gossips about her ex-wife with Kiara and how she cheated on him. Pratha was shocked to hear about Rishabh’s view of her. Shakti tries to molest Pratha but actually, he did it with Mehek who took Pratha’s form.

Rishabh Dires in an Accident:

Later, Rishabh is caught in a fire and dies. Pratha mourns his death. She decides to kill Mehek and will also kill herself later to reunite with Rishabh. Whereas Rishabh is alive. Lord Shiva helps to reunite Rishabh and  Pratha. Mehek is defeated. Pratha and Rishabh return to Gujral’s house. But the twist comes in the Drama when Rishbabh is locked up in a cell by Shakti. Pratha tracks her baby girl with a professor. Later, Shakti commits suicide and Rishabh and Pratha continue with their life struggles. They both meet with Anmol unknowingly as they don’t know their daughter is with the professor.

20 years later Naagin Serial Story:

Anmol is now twenty years old now. Prarthna and the professor return to Badapur. Prarthna is set to become the new search Naagin.

In the latest episodes of Naagin Prarthna tells Raghu that they have to go to Naag Mehal and see if everything is fine or not. Prarthna comes to know that their second daughter is alive. Raghu and Prarthna pray to Mahadev. And tell him that they will unveil the enemy and then will punish him.  They hold each other’s hands. And say thanks to Mahadev for keeping their daughter alive. Later, both come to the Yamuna River and swear on it that they will find their daughter and punish their enemy. Together they try to use their power to call their anchors, blood.

Prataha Finds Her Daughter Meher:

While, Meher their daughter is sleeping in her room, gets up, and goes out of her house. But Manjeet stops her and takes back her home, asking her why she was going outside alone. Meher replies that she feels her mother is calling her. But Manjeet says I’m your mother and I can’t live without you. Prashant calls Prarthana and tells her that the whole nation is in danger. And the enemy is going to do something big this time. Prarthana refuses to help him because she wants to find her daughter. But Raghu asks her to go and makes her believe that he’ll go in search of their daughter. This time the enemy of the nation is no other than Professor Jeet. He was once a true patriotic but then when he gets nothing in return he turns out to be an enemy.

The next upcoming episodes are going to be so interesting. Because everyone is so curious to know How will Raghu and Prarthana find their daughter? And what will be their reaction when they will come to know that Professor is their biggest enemy?

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