Pandya Store

Pandya Store is one of the hit Indian romantic and family TV serials that premiered on Star Plus and also on Hotstar in January 2021. The production of this serial was done under Sphere Origin by Sunjoy Waddhwa and Commal Waddhwa. This serial is also considered as the long desi drama serial that have more hype till now. This serial was developed by Priya Thambi and inspired by a Tamil serial Pandian Stores. Priyanshi Yadav, Shiny Doshi, and Kinshuk Mahajan are the leading cast of this serial.

The plot of the Pandya Store serial revolves around a Pandya family and their store. All the challenges that a middle-class family faces in their daily life should highlighted in this serial. The store of that family is completely covered in debuts and that is why when the eldest son Gautam asked to marry Anita they rejected him. After that, he got married to Dhara. She brought some luck with her to improve the lifestyle of that family and become another support for her husband and family. With the help of Dhara, they were able to remove all the debut and she tried her best to keep the Pandya family together.

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