Pandya Store Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Latest News and Spoilers

Pandya Store Realse Date:

Pandya Store is one of the classic and hit Indian family TV serials that aired on Star Plus and Hotstar in January 2021.

Pandya Store Production :

This family serial with a romantic love touch is considered in the long-running serial of star Plus which has huge hype and demand in the audience. This serial has more than 1000 episodes in two seasons and millions of people love to watch this serial in the evening. This serial was written by Yash Kumar Sharda and directed under Sphere Origin production by Sunjoy Wadhwa.

Pandya Store Serial Cast With Real Names ( Serial Characters ):

The cast of this serial provides a separate hype to this serial audience with their performance and gives life to their characters in the drama serial.

  • Shiny Doshi played the role of Dhara Patel in the serial and won the hearts of aid with her exclusive performance.
  • Kinshuk Mahajan played the role of Gautam Pandya, he impressed a huge audience with his personality and character.
  • Priyanshi Yadav played the role of Natasha in the serial in the second season as the daughter of Dhara and Gautam.
  • Rohit Chadel played the role of Dhawal Makwana in the second season of this serial.

A lot of other stars are also present that spread the love with their acting in the serial.

The synopsis of the story – written Update

The story started with the marriage of Darshan Pandya and Suman and later they opened a grocery store named Pandya Store. They have four sons and a twist came in the story when Darshan died suddenly and left his family in the store that was filled with debuts. Gautam was the eldest son of that family after that he started to take care of his family and also run that store. After the marriage of Gautam to Dhara.

Their lives slightly changed. Suman didn’t like Dhara but she was a humble and nice lady, she helped her husband in paying all the debts and also took care of her husband’s brother like their elder sister. This makes Suman meltdown for her and then she is accepted by her family. After 10 years, the brother of Gautam grew up, and all respected Dhara because of her humbleness.

Dhara just wanted to keep the whole family together in any condition and for that she faced various challenges in her life. Her youngest sister Ravi’s marriage was fixed with Shiva but Dev was in love with her. From there that family has to face a lot of challenges to stick all of them together. The marriage of Ravi and Shiva was not going well and they faced huge trouble in their life. Shiva left the house and decided to leave Ravi after that Dhara brought him back. Suman wanted Shiva hit marry someone else but Shiva started to fall for Ravi and then reunited again. This family faces a lot of troubles but they all overcome them because they are united. Dhara got kidnapped and then Gautam saved her.

Pandya Store serial latest news, gossip with upcoming twist and spoiler:

After that Dhara gets pregnant with Gautam’s baby and then she gives birth to a baby girl, Natasha. Then the story of Natasha begins.
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