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Star Bharat Woh Toh Hai Albela Serial Latest Story: Kanha Takes Advantage of Chamman’s Crush and Exposes Vikrant

Woh to hai Albela Serial Written Story:

On 14th March 2022, Star Bharat launched a new Hindi drama show Woh Toh hai Albella. It was produced by Rajan Shahi. Well, The number of episodes released to date is 301. But, The story let out around a fun-loving boy and a serious and mature girl who got married by destiny but later find solace in one another. As It is also centered around the bond of brothers and how they always stand by each other. However, The main characters are Shaheer Sheikh as Krishna and Hiba Nawaz as Sayuri.

Woh Toh Hai Albela serial cast

Furthermore, Two best friends Balwant Sharma and Dhanraj Chaudhry are neighbors and best friends. And, Their wives Indrani and Saroj also live like sisters. But the circumstances change due to the fight between their children Shyuri and Krishna. As Both families turn into enemies. Saroj demands half of the business due to which the fight takes place between Indrani and Saroj. But, Angry Indrani slaps and insults Saroj.

Krishna and Sayuri’s marriage

Meanwhile, Krishna also known as Kanha is one of the main leads of the drama. He has two brothers but the elder one Cheeru is very supportive of him. On the other hand, Shyuri is Chaudhary’s eldest daughter She is a professor and hates Krishna as she thinks he is responsible for all the hatred between the two families.

Well, Cheeru and Shyuri love each other and want to get married but they find it difficult due to their family problems. But finally, they convince their families. But On the wedding day, Cheeru met an accident and died. Krishna married Shyuri in order to fulfill his promise to Cheeru. Saroj does not accept Shyuri as her daughter-in-law. Krishna’s ex Anjali tries to create misunderstandings between Shyuri and Krishna as she wants to marry him. But gradually  Krishna and Shyuri later develop feelings for each other. Saroj finally accepts her as her daughter-in-law when she becomes pregnant.

Sayuri suffers a miscarriage

Nakul, the younger brother of Krishna is in love with Sayuri’s younger sister. They get engaged but Rashmi starts hating her own sister due to some misunderstandings. Saroj accepts Rishi’s proposal for Kusum. Soon, they are married but Rishi does not prove to be a good husband. He used to torture Kusum and abuse her. But After some time Sayuri and Kanha find out the truth about Rishi. They file a case against Rishi and sent him to jail but he ran away from jail and kidnaps Kusum. Sayuri tries to save Kusum but Rishi attacks him and unfortunately, Sayuri suffers a miscarriage.

Yash, Sayuri’s friend fell in love with Kusum and both get married later. Rashmi and Nakul also tied the knot. Rashmi convinces Sayuri that she will never conceive a baby again. This news shook her from the core of her heart and she was shattered but Krishna supported and convince her. But later she came to know that it was a lie. Rashmi did all this out of jealousy and she want to damage his position in the house. Later she exposed Rashmi. Angry Rashmi decides to get revenge for her insult. Later when the whole family goes for deity worship Rashmi pushes her off the cliff and tried to kill her.

WTHA to take a 1-year leap:

Krishna is still unable to accept Sayuri’s death. He misses Sayuri so much. Rashmi has always had a nightmare about the incident and has a baby with Nakul. She named him Arjun. Kanha meets an accident but is saved by Dr. Vikrant. But he is shocked to see Dr. Vikrant’s wife who looks like Sayuri also has a daughter named Komal.

However, He gets delighted to assume Sachi to be Sayuri. Sachi is actually Sayuri but she can’t reveal it due to Dr. Vikrant. Dr. Vikrant blackmailed her if she will tell Krishna the truth he will harm her daughter who is in fact Sayuri and Krishna’s daughter. Kanha decides to find out the truth. On the other hand, when Rashmi sees Sayuri she becomes shocked. She also learns that Sayuri is having a baby. She tries hard that Sayuri won’t come back home but Krishna on the other hand, gets Sayuri back home when Vikrant was forcefully trying to marry her.

Reunion of Sayuri and Krishna:

Furthermore, Sayuri returns back home. Finally, Krishna and Sayuri reunited. Rashmi tries to misguide Saroj that this child isn’t Krisha and Sayuri. But, Saroj questions Sayuri that how did she remain pregnant even after falling from a cliff. Meanwhile, Krishna stops her mother from further questioning and says that he believes that this is their child. After some time Rashmi got exposed and was sent to jail but after some time she come back home. Though, Rashmi asks for forgiveness from the whole family and asks them to accept back. But, Dadi only sticks to her idea that, if Sayuri decides to forgive her because it is her right. She did wrong to Sayuri and she must ask her forgiveness, not ours.

Moreover, Rashmi asks for forgiveness from  Sayuri. Krishna says you made mistakes over and over. We can’t trust you now. Thus, She then goes to Nakul and requests him to forgive her. But, Rashmi cries but seeing no response she says I’ll go back but pls let me meet my son for once. And, This melts Sayuri’s heart and she asks Indrani to bring Arjun.

Well, As time pass, Nakul decides to take Arjun back with him. And he also warns Rashmi to never come back to their home again. But before she leaves Sayuri stops her and says I will let you stay in the backyard room. Furthermore, without letting anyone know as the whole family is going through a lot of problems. And, Rashmi agrees and says thanks to her. But Sayuri clears that she hasn’t forgiven her and just helping her for shelter until she finds another place to live.

Woh Toh Hai Albela Upcoming Story:

Moreover, Cunning and stubborn Rashmi enters the home She hasn’t been changed and still planning how to kick out Sayuri of this house. And, Sayuri still suffering from past traumas and is scared whenever she remembers something from the past. But, Krishna supports her in all ways and makes a promise to himself that he will keep Sayuri happy no matter what and will make her come out from the past trauma. But Rashmi is back and is trying to find a chance to degrade Sayuri.

In the upcoming episodes, we will find how Krishna and Sayuri will come over all the hurdles. Will Sayuri prove to the family that Komal is her and Krishna’s daughter? And how will Rashmi get her revenge? The story is getting more interesting day by day. Stay tuned for further episodes.

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