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Udariyaan Serial Upcoming Twist: Ekaam Puts Sindoor in Harleen’s Maang to save her Life

Colors Tv Udaariyaan Serial written Story: Season 1

On 15th March 2021, Colors Tv launched an Indian Hindi language family drama serial named Udaariyan. This drama is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. At the start, The main leads are Anik Gupta as Fateh Singh Priyanka Chaudhary as Tejo and Isha Malviya as Jasmine. As the story proceeds, new main characters are introduced as drama took a generation leap. So the main leads are Twinkle Arora as Nehmat and Hitesh Bharadwaj as Ekam.

Udaariyan is the story of Jasmine, Tejo, and Fateh who live in a small village in Punjab. Jasmine and Tejo are two sisters living in a joint family and have different dreams. Jasmine is an ambitious girl. She wants to settle in Canada by marrying a Canadian boy who is already settled there. On the other hand, Teju is a college professor and wants to settle in her own city. Fateh is a boxer and is in love with Jasmine.

Tejo gets married to Fateh:

Furthermore, Tejo’s marriage is fixed with a guy named Jas. And, He turns out to be a fraud. Though, Fateh wants to get married to Jasmine. And, Jasmine agrees after he gets a job in Canada. On their wedding day, she learns that Fateh has lost his job and wants to settle here. She breaks her wedding with him. But then Tejo and Fateh were married in order to save their family’s honor. Finally, Tejo gradually starts to develop feelings for Fateh after marriage but Fateh is still in love with Jasmine.

Fatejo’s Love Story: Udaariyan

On the other hand, Jasmine realizes her mistake and confesses her love for Fateh. They start having an affair. When Tejo learns about this affair she asks for a divorce. She wants both lovers to get married. But when Fateh comes to know about how Jasmine ditched her sister he burns her passport. Angad falls in love with Tejo and she considers him a friend.

Finally, Tejo and Fateh reunited. Jasmine marries Amrik. Amrik is Fateh’s brother. She marries him in order to take revenge but he realized his true love when they had an accident. Fateh when learning that Jasmine has concealed Jasmine’s lie, he left him. Later Tejo finds out she is pregnant with Fateh’s Child. Angad plans to burn her in a warehouse.

Tejo dies in Fire along with her Baby:

Jasmine and Amrik shifted to London after Tejo’s death. Here they see a girl Tanya who is look alike Tejo. Angad was also here, he thinks Tanya is Tejo and wants to kill her. Later he was arrested but Amrik died while saving Tanya. Later revealed Tanya isn’t Tejo and was assigned by cops in order to find out the truth about Tejo. Jasmine Fateh and Tanya return to Moga. Jasmine finds out she’s pregnant. Later, Tanya finds out that Tejo is mentally unstable. Fateh remarries Tejo. After sometimes she regains her memory. Jasmine aborts his child. But shows if she has given birth to Amrik’s child. Only Tejo and Fateh know the truth. They adopt this child and name her Nehmat.

Jasmine gets married to a boy named Yash and moved to Canada but mistreats her. After some time, Jasmine returns back with Naaz. She leaves Nazz there. Naaz and Nehmat become good friends. Tejo and Fateh want to adopt Nehmat but before this, they met an accident and died. The whole family shattered at this incident.

Udaariyaan Colors Tv Show Details: Voot

Television Show Udaariyaan
Main Star Cast    Ankit Gupta

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary

Abhishek Kumar

Twinkle Arora

Rohit Purohit

Hitesh Bharadwaj

Sonakshi Batra

Isha Malviya

Country                                         India
Language                                      Hindi
Network  Telecast


Colors TV

23 mins


  Telecast Days                                

VootMonday – Saturday
Release Date & Timing

  Produced by

15 March 2021, 7 PM

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey

Recurring Cast  

Mahek Chahal
Urvashi Dholakia
Isha Malviya
Raman Dhagga
Kamal Dadiala
Abhiraaj Chawla
Taavish Gupta
Ram Aujla


Udaariyan to Take 16 – Years Leap: Season 2

Furthermore, Naaz and Nehmat are now growing up girls. Nehmat and Ekam, who is police officers are in love with each other. But, Naaz has an inferiority complex and so she hates Nehmat but no one knows about this except Ekam’s sister Malaika.

Nehmat and Ekam Love Story:

Though, Naaz tries to create misunderstandings between Nehmat and Malaika. For this, she convinces Malaika that there is something going on between Nehmat and her boyfriend Advait. But in fact, Advait is loyal to Malaika and only loves her. Nehmat and Ekam are trying to find out the reason behind Virk’s family accident. Similarly, Advait wants to stop this investigation. Because it is already revealed that Jasmine and Advait’s father was behind this accident.

Meanwhile, Harleen comes back to Moga. As she is Jasmine’s youngest daughter. She falls in love with Ekam. But, When Nehmat learns about this, she steps back and wants Harleen to get married to Ekam. Thus, Harleen and Ekam gets engaged. When Harleen comes to know about the struggle and hurdles Nehmat faced, and how she has sacrificed for her. She cancels her wedding with Ekam. She revealed her and Advait’s paper marriage. When he was in need of Canadian nationality Jasmine helped him. Ekam and his family don’t believe this paper marriage and consider it as a drama. Later, Ekam tries to kill Harleen but she was saved by Nehmat and Ekam. Ekam bring him to the police station and later Advait got arrested.

Latest Twist in Udaariyan: Harleen gets shot

During Holi, Harleen plans to bring Ekam and Nehamt together. She put bhang in their drinks and lock them in a room. On the other hand, Shamsher Kapoor, father of Advait was furious after knowing that his son got arrested. He forcefully takes Harleen to the police station to take back the complaint. When Nehmat and Ekam learn about that, they rushed toward Harleen thinking she might be in trouble. Meanwhile, Nehmat was kidnapped by Shamsher Khan. He was going to shoot Nehmat but Harleen comes btw them and gets shot instead of Nehmat. Jasmin comes back to India and gets to know that Harleen gets shot.

Harleen survived but the bad news for her was she won’t become a mother in her life. Harleen did not tell anyone about this. Finally, after Harleen refuses to marry Ekam, Nehmat, and Ekam are set to marry.

Udaariyan Serial Upcoming Episode Written Update:

Moreover, the twist comes in the serial when Nehmat refuses to marry Ekam on the wedding day. It was a great shock for Ekam. Though, He asks Nehmat again and again what is the problem if she is scared of something or someone. But she just says that she doesn’t wanna get married to him. Meanwhile, Ekam’s mother also tries to stop her. But this makes Ekam furious and he says Maa, I won’t let you bow down she didn’t understand his love. Later, she questions how will she understand a mother’s heart, then he says, Nehmat if you want to go from there, just go. I don’t wanna see your face again. Actually, it was Jasmin behind all this. But what happened is that Nehmat leaves and in the end, Harleen and Ekam get married. Ekam was so furious. He ruin the decorated room.

On the other hand, Nehmat with a broken heart board on train to leave this city but remember the words of Ekam and eventually falls down.

The separation of Ekam and Nehmat will surely sadden the audience but still the story doesn’t end there, people have to wait until the jasmines real face reveals. Everyone is curious about what will happen next. Will Ekam accept Harleen as his wife? How will Nehmat survive without family? Stay tuned for further updates.

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