Udaariyaan Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Wiki

Udaariyaan Realse Date:

Udaariyaan is a top Indian romantic and family TV serial that premiered on Colors TV and also on Jio cinema in March 2021.

Udaariyaan Wiki:

This desi drama on trending after it arrived in the Indian drama industry because of its unique story and the performance of its cast members. This serial was directed under Uttam Ahlawat and created by Sargun Mehta. The story of this serial is brought to you by Mitali Bhattacharya and Romit Ojha. This serial is on its hype consisting of more than 900 episodes in 3 seasons

Udaariyaan Serial Cast With Real Names And Main Roles:

  • Ankit Gupta played the role of Fateh Singh, he had a huge demand in the Indian drama industry for his attractive personality.
  • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary played the role of Tejo in the serial and has her own separate fan following in the drama industry.
  • Isha Malviya played the role of Jasmine in the serial. These were the leading cast of the first season.
    Twinkle Arora played the role of Nehmat in the series, the daughter of Tejo and the leading role in the second generation.

You can see a lot of other stars from the Indian drama industry here on the set of this exclusive desi serial.

The synopsis of the story – Written updates

The story of the Udaariyaan begins with a love triangle between three friends, Tejo, Jasmine, and Fateh. They graduated together and after that, they dreamed about improving their lives. Tejo was secretly in love with Fateh but Jasmine and FAteh were in relation and that’s why Tejo never showed her feelings for him. Jasmine and Tejo were sisters and Tejo was a simple girl who wanted to support her family while Jai wanted to leave India to improve her life at any cast. Jasmine left Fateh because he lost his job just before their wedding then Tejo had to marry Fateh for her family’s reputation.

They got married while Jasmine left the family and after the wedding came back and married Fateh’s brother Amrik. Tejo and Fateh come close to each other and then fall for each other. Jasmine pretended that she was pregnant with Anrik’s child but she lied and then she adopted a kid from the hospital and asked everyone that she was her daughter while Tejo and Fateh knew the truth. They don’t tell anyone because they don’t want to hurt them,

Amrik died in a crash and then Jasmine left that family and hurt her daughter Nehmat then Tejo started to take care of her like her own daughter. After many years, Jasmine came back with her other daughter Naaz. Tejo was murdered by someone and then Fateh started to live alone without anyone. Jasmine brought her daughter to London and got settled there but there they met with A girl who looked exactly like Tejo and then brought her to India. Fateh got married to her. The whole family died in an incident except Nehmat and Naaz then their story started. They both fell in love with Ekram.

Udaariyaan Serial upcoming story, twist and gossip with Spoilers – wiki

In the upcoming story, you see that Naaz forced her sister Nehmat to marry Advait the twist came in the story when She came to know about her husband Advait he is already married to Jasmien’s daughter Harleen.
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