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Teri Meri Dooriyan Serial Upcoming Twist: Angad goes to Sahiba’s house for Pagpheera Rasam

Teri Meri Dooriyan is a Romantic-Comedy Hindi drama serial that is broadcasted on Star Plus daily. It is a Hindi- Indian language serial that is produced by Rajesh Chadha. And TMD is directed by Amir Khuram Khan under the banner of Cockcrows. Well, Ghum Hai Kisekai Pyar Mein is also one of the successful projects of Cockcrows.

This Hindi serial casts Vijendra Kumeria, Himanshi Parashar, Roopam Sharma, and Tushar Dambhla as the female leads in the serials. It is a remake of another Bengali drama ‘Gatchora’. Well, Himanshi Parashar is performing the character of ‘Sahiba and Vijayendra is playing the role of Angad Brar.

Teri Meri Dooriyan star plus serial cast

Teri Meri Dooriyan Plot: Star Plus

The Plot of the Teri Meri Dooriyan serial revolves around three sisters (Seerat, Sahiba, and Keerat) and the Three Brar Brothers (Angad, Gary, and Veer).  The first episode starts with a Sikh religious place ‘Gurdwara and the story is explained in the third person. This explains that every word had a meaning and each name had its own identity. The scene starts with Angand waking up at his alarm. And he takes up his phone to send a message to his love ‘Sahiba. He asks her to get ready and he will come to meet her in 20 minutes, And the scene moves to the long-drive scene where Angad and Sahiba are happily looking at each other. Then this scene shifts to Sahiba’s mother’s dream. Sahiba and Angad were never together and it was her dream.

Meanwhile, the story moves to reality, Angad reaches the airport to receive his special gift which came from Belgium. Everyone is so surprised and happy to see the precious gift. On the other, In saiba’s life, everything is working completely commonly and normally. She belongs to a middle-class family who wakes up in the morning. Her mother Santosh has to stand up in a queue to get milk. Meanwhile, she fights with a woman who tries to push her away. Their Santosh wishes that she not let her daughters live the life that she lived. She will get them wealthy husbands and her daughters will live a luxurious lifestyle.

Angad and Sahiba’s First Encounter: Veer saves the situation

Meanwhile, Angad returns home with his Diamond gift and alerts security. He gives them orders that no one will attend the party until they had invitations cards. Santosh is shown as a very selfish mother. She gives more priority to her younger daughter Seerat. Though, Seerat is very beautiful and cunning. But as a mother, Santosh does not pay attention to Sahiba and Keerat as she should.

Well when it comes to Sahiba, she does not like materialistic things. She loves simplicity and honesty. But her mother and several others share the same personality traits. They all look for ways to get what they want. And most of the time, Sahiba sacrifices her happiness and things for her family’s happiness. She runs her own Art shop. And by making money on her own, Sahiba runs her home with her father. This time Santosh requests Sahiba to arrange Brar mentions passes, for the sake of her sister’s secure future.

Sahiba Shocks Everyone with Her Artistic Talent:

Though, Sahiba is against all their actions but could not say no to her mother. In the present day, in Brar’s mansion, Angad arranges everything fantastically but his Dar Ji did not like the decoration. He demands he brings the classic look to his Brar mansion. Angad could not say no to his grandfather. And he was out of time too. Veer helps to find Sahiba and Angad and Sahiba did not have a good first encounter. Sahiba refuses to help him. But to save the situation, Veer requests Sahiba to help them. And in return, Sahiba asks for passes rather than money. Veer agrees with her demands. When Angad breaks Sahiba’s art pot, it is told by the voice-over, that their love story has just started.

Moreover, Things go well at the party. Sahiba surprises everyone with her artistic talent. Though, no one has expected such talent from a simple middle-class girl. But Brar Sahab realizes her worth.

Angad Falls in Love With Seerat: TMD

In the Coming Episodes, Seeray succeeds in trapping Angad in her Love spell. But Gary takes advantage of all the things. And cunningly he also succeeds in trapping Seerat by giving her expensive gifts. He tells several that he is the one who runs the whole business. And Seerat who was marrying Angad for his money starts believing that Gary is stronger than Angad.

On the wedding day, Seerat runs from her mandap with Gary. and Jsleen who is Gary’s mother asks Santosh to present Sahiba as a bride. Sahiba and Keerat get angry upon hearing that. And she tells Jasleen that she will give cheat on anyone in her life, nor she is willing to marry Angad. Keerat promises Saiba that she will find Seerat and bring her back. Meanwhile, she could not find her and Sahiba had to act as the bride. She hides her face with a dupatta but when the event starts, Sahiba removes the Gupta and exposes her truth. Santosh and Jasleen are in shock to see what Sahiba has done.

Sahiba agrees on marrying Angad: Teri Meri Dooriyan

Sahiba leaves the mandap and apologies to her mother. And tells her that she can cheat anyone. She has always lived her life with dignity and loyalty. And in this pure event, she can not be disloyal to anybody for her mother. After a lot of drama, Angad and Sahiba marry for their family’s happiness and reputation. Though, things were messed up and could be done right again. Angad holds hatred and anger towards Sahiba and Sahiba also does not like him.

But at the reception event when everyone was questioning Angad about Sahiba. Sahiba makes her smart entry and saves Angad and Brar’s reputations. She expresses love and gratitude towards him. and asks Angad to fake out too because the media is looking for a chance to ruin their fame. When everything was going smoothly, the police inspector arrives at the party and tries to inform Sahiba about Seerat. Angad gets angry at Sahiba for filing a report at the Police station because they no longer have any concerns with Seerat. On the other hand, Gary is constantly making Seerat against Sahiba. And Seerat is such a fool she keeps on believing that he will marry her.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Upcoming Episode Written Update:

In the Upcoming Episode, Angad traces Seerat’s location with the help of the police. Gary informs Seerat and she runs away from the hotel. Angad thinks Sahiba helped Seerat to run again. But in reality, Sahibs is unaware of all the situations. In order to find out about Seerat, Angad agrees on going with Sahiba to her home for Pagphera Rasam.

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