Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal Serial Cast, Written, Story, Twist & Review

Colors Tv Serial ‘Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal Latest Twist: Veer Decides to Sacrifice Eisha for Kavya

This serial is full of thrill, action, fantasy, and Romance. Karan Kundra is playing the male lead role of a 122-Year-old werewolf ‘Veer Oberoi. He is the youngest handsome brother of Armaan and he has a love interest who is Kavya. Reem Sheikh is playing the role of Kavya. She is the elder cousin and sister of a drug addict ‘Viaan. Also, Kavya is friends with Mehek and Cheery But currently, she is in love with Armaan and has been playing the role of Eisha Sharma. She looks exactly like Veer’s Ex-girlfriend Kavya.

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal serial cast

While Armaan Oberoi’s character is performed by Gashmeer Majajani. He is a 122-Year-Old Werewolf and twin brother of Veer. Armaan is a very decent and handsome man. He is friends with Tina and Eisha.

Meanwhile, Eisha is his lover and girlfriend too. Eisha Shrama is a very beautiful and charming girl. She is young and intelligent and is the daughter of Vyom. While her other role of Kavya is full of charm and action. She is a very cunning 500 Plus Years old Werewolf. With her sharp mind and smartness, she created distances between brothers and manipulated them against each other. She was with Veer and Arman at the same time acting to be in love with them. But wanted her own dreams to get fulfilled. Soon in the story, she will introduce herself as one of the ancestors of Sudha and Eisha.

TIMG Serial Plot/Storyline: VOOT

This tale is based on Netflix Fictional series famously known as The Vampire Diaries. Well, Only the fans of The Vampire Diaries can only tell whether Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal is a successful adaptation of the American series or not.

The plot of the show centers around three main characters, Eisha, Armaan, and Veer. Isha meets Armaan in an event. And when he sees her, he falls in love with her beauty and innocence. And Eisha also gets attracted to Armaan as time passes because of his caring and secretive nature. In the first episode of the serial, in one of the scenes, Eisha was hanging out with Armaan, and on their way she asks him about his age. And he tells her the truth that he is 122 years old but Eisha considers that he is trying to crack a joke. And when she asks him what is he talking about. He tells her that he is a werewolf. But she does not consider it true and changes the topic.

Here is the detailed description of the show telecast timings, days, and twists:

Colors TV Show ‘Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal Details:

Serial Name Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal
Total Episodes 18 – On Going
Main Cast Gashmeer Mahajani

Karan Kundrra

Reem Shaikh

Director Arshad Khan

Gautam Nagrath

Channel Colors tv
Digital Platform Voot
Telecast days Monday to Wednesday
Telecast Time 9 PM
Running Time 21-24 minutes
TIMG Release Date 13 February 2023

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal Serial Latest Written Episode:

The Latest Episode of the serial Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal starts with Armaan’s uncontrollable condition. He has turned into a bad wolf and Veer and Eisha are helping him control his situation. Meanwhile, to save his brother Armaan’s life, Veer kills his own father too. Veer also warns Eisha about her loving friend Armaan’s past that he has killed more than 50 innocent people in his life. Now the scene shifts to the hottest entry of Sudha. And asks Eisha about Armaan and her relationship and also taunts her that she is also a selfish girl, like Kavya. Kavya also wanted to rule on both brothers’ hearts at the same time, so you are doing. Eisha seems to ignore her but later Sudha makes a demand from her.

Upon asking what she wants, Sudha tells Eisha that she wants the device which includes information about all wolves. Eisha refuses to help her but she forces her if she wants Armaan to get well soon. She must bring her the device that belongs to Vyom. And also tells her that the device is currently in the custody of Veer. Eisha asks Sudha how did she know about Vyom and what is her reason for becoming a wolf. She must not do all this.

But Sudha laughs and mocks her that soon she will find answers to all your questions. I have been living around these people since my birth. I know them very well. Bring me what I want and get what you want. Though, Sudha warns Eisha to stay away from these brothers because they can hurt her at any time. As she is a human being she will have to face all the consequences, not these wolves because they are immortal. The scene ends with Esiha and Sudha’s conversation.

Veer Tries To Kill Sudha: TIMG

In the Next Episode, it was shown that Armaan comes back with Mehek. When Eisha sees him she becomes happy and hugs him immediately but does not tell him about her meeting with Sudha. Meanwhile, Mehek makes her entry and tells Eisha that she can feel her pain. And also she understands what problems Eisha is going through. And tells her that she will always with around her because she does not know how to stay away from her. Mehek hugs Eisha and tells her that she will always be friends with her.

Furthermore, Sudha meets Veer and he claims that You have broken my loving heart, Sudha. I thought you were here to meet me because I am the one who turned your wish to get fulfilled. I turned you into a wolf. But you became selfish and did not visit me ever. She asks him about the device and with attitude Veer claims I like the guts you have. You choose Vyom Sharma really Sudha. Later she claims in front of Veer that she knew him since her childhood and that she can not leave him alone ever. Veer makes fun of her and says you have got a list of lovers why did you come to me?

Mehek Finds out Device Secret:

Meanwhile, Mehak reads the books that hold information about all wolves. Which claims that the device holds the power to kill all wolves at any time in a single shot. But it was Nan who deactivated that device in the past. Veer finds out that Sudha wants the device for Kavya. He asks her about Kavya’s location in exchange for the device. Sudha changes the topic by converting Veer’s total attention toward Eisha. Veer gets angry and asks her to keep herself out of all this chaos. He requests Sudha to tell him about her location but she refuses to do so. And Veer gets sad by telling her that he has waited 100 years to meet her again.

Though, Veer threatens Sudha that he will kill her if she does not tell him what he has asked her about. But she takes advantage of the situation and says if you will kill me. You will never find out where your lover is. Veer takes a pause and says Ohh…sorry I forgot. My mistake my lady. and suddenly attacks her by saying that it does not matter to him now. Because he knows Kavya wants the device and she will come by herself to get that. He does not Sudha. Sudha gets back her strength and attacks Veer again and later she runs away to save her life.

After a lot of fights between Veer, and Sudha, Armaan makes his entry. Sudha tells them that in order to get Kavya they will have to sacrifice the blood of Eisha. Armaan loses his patience and starts fighting with Veer. Will Armaan let Veer sacrifice Eisha’s life to save his lover Kavya or the story will take a new shift?

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