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Sapnon Ki Chhalaang Latest Twist: Radhika Gets Permission to Go To Mumbai

Sony Tv just launched Sapnon Ki Chhalaang Hindi Drama serial on 10th April 2022 under the banner of T media productions. This Indian-Hindi language drama serial is produced by Nilanjana Purkayastha and her co-partner Herumb Knot. Chlanag Sapon Ki’s serial is also digitally streamed on SonyLIV and casts Fahmaan Khan and Megha Ray as the main leads.

The story revolves around a talented girl named Radhika. She belongs to a very small village and lives with her family. Radhika is shown as a very passionate girl who with her hard work wishes to conquer the whole world and make her father proud.

Sapno Ki Chhalaang serial cast
Sapno Ki Challang Serial written Story:

The First Episode of the drama serial, Sapno Ki Chhalaang starts with Megha Ray who is hilariously performing her role of Radhika. Radhika is a very smart girl and loves her father endlessly. She only wishes to become a successful person and make her village name famous. The scene starts with an old man driving his scooter on the main road while carrying a lot of things.

Though, Radhika belongs to a small village and is a talented girl. And she has recently toped in Engineering Entrance Exam. As an award, her picture is posted on the hoarding to praise her efforts. Her father becomes so happy when he sees Radhiak’s picture. He takes his mobile phone and clicks a picture to keep his daughter’s memories safe. Meanwhile, he also praises his daughter’s efforts. On the other side, the scene shifts to Radhika where she is seen repairing her home’s old fridge. And is talking with her grandmother. Radhika makes fun of the fridge to tease her grandmother.

Radhika and Her Brother’s Taunts:

Meanwhile, her elder brother makes his entry and taunts her that she is just wasting your time Dadi. She has studied IT nor Machinic work. It is not her job to fix this old fridge. He then leaves the house for work and Radhika starts talking with her Ddai. She tells her to have patience and that this fridge will be fixed through thick and thin. Meanwhile, Pintu advises her to have a look at that black wire but she advises him to focus on his own work. And solve the math problem soon. Out of anger, he leaves that he can not do it. Radhika is a very loving and caring girl. She takes notes and starts fixing the problem.

At the present time, she also requests her grandmother to change this old fridge and get a brand new fridge. But she taunts her that she has not gotten any lottery yet. If she wishes this fridge to change she must pray for her brother’s success. Because if he gets a promotion and works hard, his salary will increase. Then we will get rid of the old things too.

Radhika requests her Mother Suman to help her:

Furthermore, Radhika goes to her room and starts preparing for her interview which is about to be held soon. And it is the only chance to succeed and make her father feel proud.

Meanwhile, she receives a call from her best friend Elina and she gives her courage that Radhika, you will surely get the job. You must not worry about anything. But she asks Radhika if will she go to Mumbai to continue her life journey as a professional. Radhika courageously says yes to this. But she gets a little sad when Elina says that there is a possibility that her grandmother and her father will not allow her to go. Especially her ‘Uncle will be a huge obstacle in that. Radhika gets sad but Elina says I have a plan. Radhika asks what is that. She says to her, get married and start a new life. And take your husband with you and settle down in Mumbai. But Radhika stops her and tells her that she wanted this job and she is not ready for marriage right now.

The nervousness of Radhika Increases:

Furthermore, Pitu makes his entry into the scene and asks her to come for the dinner. Her grandmother asks for ghee so she can eat her Pratha with that. But she advises her not to use ghee because she has blood pressure and it is not good for her health. Meanwhile, her uncle also asks her brother Ravi about his work and tells him that tomorrow there is a campus placement in their company. And he will take Radhika along with him on that campus. But Radhika questions him why she needs to go with him to his company. And he tells her to come to collect the sheets.

Out of sadness, Radhika goes back to her room. And tells her mother that she is nervous and worried. Will she be able to do the work properly? But Suman consoles her and gives her strength that she is hardworking and strong. And it is her chance to prove herself to the whole world. Tka ethos Haldi milk and sleep on time. Tomorrow is a big day for you Radhika. Radhika also tells her mom that she is also worried about her interview. She desperately needs this job because this is the only way she can make her living better.

Chhalaang Sapnon Ki Serila Details: SonyLIV

Serial Name Chhalaang Sapnon Ki
Main Cast Megha Ray

Fahmaan Khan

Genre Drama
Telecast Days/Timings Monday – Friday 9:30 PM
Producer Nilanjana Purkayasstha

Herumb Khot

SKC Twist: Radhika thinks she failed her Interview

Furthermore, Radhika agrees for her mother to join her on campus and there she can also take part in acting too. Also, she asks Suman with hopeful eyes, Ama will you agree with everyone to send me to Mumbai if I get this job? Suman stays quiet on her question and passes a smile. Radhika goes to her bed and stops thinking about unnecessary things.

On the next day, Radhika goes to the interview place and while answering the panel she gets confused. But leaves the table by telling the interviews that she is an ordinary girl but wishes to do Extraordinary things. After that, she comes back home sadly and tells her mother that things have not gone well in the meeting.

Radhika gets the Job: Sapnon Ki Chhalaang!

But on the other hand, a man comes to her home and tells her father that Radhika has received the job. Her father and his brother come home back with sweets. When Radhiak asks who gave this news they tell her that she got the job in a coaching center. But Meanwhile, Radhika receives a call from her company where she gave the interview and they offer her 40,000 salaries per month. When Radhika tells her family about the price every one gets shocked, especially her brother gets jealous of that too. But when her uncle asks her about the company’s location thing gets upside down. When Radhika tells him that the company is located in Mumbai.

In the next episode, Suman takes a huge stand for her daughter ‘Radhika. And asks her father to let allow to go to Mumbai. He agrees with that but warns his wife Suman, that if something bad happened to Radhika there. He will not forgive Suman for taking a stand for Radhika.

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