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Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan: Radha Finds Tusli’s Death Truth

Radha Mohan is an Indian television drama. It premiered on 2 May 2022 on zee tv. The story revolves around a young man who has turned bitter after the death of his wife. Radha enters into his life and helps him to overcome his loss and brings happiness to his life. This series is produced by Prateek Sharma under the studio LSD private limited. The main leads of the drama are Shabir Ahluwalia and Niharika Roy as Mohan and Radha. The number of episodes to date is 320.

Radha Mohan serial cast

Radha Mohan Serial written Story: Zee Tv

The story is about a young girl Radha who has lost her mother at a very young age. She finds peace in her childhood friend Mohan. But, Mohan is now a grown-up man and has lost his beloved wife in a fire accident. He is drowning in his own traumas as Tulsi was not just his wife but also her first love. On the other side, Radha worshiped for getting Mohan for eight long years and is excited to meet him. But she doesn’t know Mohan due to his traumas which have turned him into a bitter man. And in return, he pays no heed to her.

The First Episode starts when Mohan‘s first wife dies and his daughter Gungun considers his father to be her mother‘s murderer. While on the other side, Radha considers him her inspiration. Though, Tusli was Mohan’s first wife whose soul is still wandering in his home around her family members, especially her daughter. And she is the one who looks after her little daughter Gungun at every moment of her life.

 Gungun falls into borewell: Radha Saves

Mohan was a charming flute player but now, he has lost interest in everything after the death of Tulsi. Kadambari. Mohan‘s stepmom wants to remarry him with her niece Damini. Well, Damini is not in love with Gungun’s father Mohan. But wants to marry him for his wealth. Mohan agrees to marry Damini due to the emotional blackmail of Kadambari. Meanwhile, Radha saves Gungun life. So Mohan takes her to his house and now she is living at Mohan‘s house as a guest. Radha decides to bring back hope and happiness in his life. She helps to reconcile Mohan and Gungun.

The real trial comes in their life when Gungun falls in bore well. Before they take out Gungun from Borwell it starts raining. Everyone in the house gets tensed about how will Gun Gun comes out. They keep an eye on Gungun with the help of CCTV. Police arrived but still can’t do anything due to the constant rain. Kadambari tries to free Tulsi’s spirit so that she can save Gungun. But Damini and her mother stop her from doing so. Radha decides to go into the borewell to save Gungun. She with the help of a rope jump into the bore well.  Finally, Gungun is saved.

Mohan Saves Radha’s Life:

Before Mohan gets Radha out of the well, the rope breaks apart. And Radha again falls into the borewell and gets faints. Mohan and all the other family members get worried about Radha. Mohan jumps into the borewell to save Radha. Finally, Gungun and Radha both come out of the well and are saved. Mohan comes to Mandir to thank God. Radha is happy that Mohan is getting back to normal life. But, Radha feels that she is not getting good signs about her marriage with Ridhik. She wants Ridhik to tell him that she can’t marry him. But Ridhik says I will marry you at any cost. On the other hand, Gungun tells Mohan that she did fall into the well accidentally but it was Ridhik who pushed her into the borewell. After hearing that Mohan gets shocked. And decides to punish him for hurting his daughter.

Furthermore, A snake comes out of nowhere and bites Mohan. Radha cries while confessing her love but Mohan gets faints. Radha gulps his poison. Thus, by putting herself in danger, Radha saves Mohan. Damini wants Radha to die but Radha was saved.

Radha and Mohan’s marriage: Radha Mohan

Later Damini and Mohan’s marriage is fixed. But on the wedding day, Due to Damini, Radha gets faints because Radha has found her truth. She puts her behind the bed, so no one can find out where Radha is. But Gungun eventually sees all this. So Damini attacks Gungun but Gungun manages to save her and push Damini. But in turn, Damini acts as if she is feeling unconscious. Gungun along with Tulsi turns Radha into a bride. With Tulsi’s support, Radha sits in Mandap and finally, Mohan and Radha get married. But Mohan didn’t believe in this marriage and throws Radha out of his house. Damini blames Radha that she did this pre-planned and using Gungun in this regard.

Later, Radha falls from a cliff. She was about to die. But Tushi appears there. She saves Radha. She tells Radha that she is Tulsi, Mohan’s first wife. At first, Radha didn’t believe her. But she tells her that she is always there wandering in the house. She can touch and feel everyone except Gungun, Mohan, and his family.

Tusli Saves Radha’s Life:

She adores Radha and loves the way she takes care of Gungun. And also Tulsi is happy that Radha brings back happiness to Mohan’s house. Tusli insists she remarries Mohan. She asks her to stop Mohan’s marriage as he is getting married again. Radha in her bridal dress reaches there with the police. She shows pictures of her and Mohan’s marriage. But Damini and Mohan both denied this marriage. Later Radha asks Mohan to take swear off her daughter. Finally, Mohan accepts that he is already married to Radha. Damini and Mohan’s marriage is called off. Damini in anger challenges Radha that she will get marry Mohan soon.

After a series of events Mohan’s heart melts for Radha and his behavior towards Radha gets changed.

Damini Plans to Separate Radha from Mohan:                

On Janmashtami, Damini mixes poison in the milk. But Radha sees it. And tells everyone but Damini says that she’s lying. Radha drinks the milk. After some time she faints and fell down. Mohan rushes to the hospital. Police come to the hospital and arrest Mohan’s mother. But later Radha was saved. Mohan’s mom comes back home. And he starts loving Radha like her daughter.

Damini again plans to put Radha in trouble. This time she tries to separate Gungun from her parents but later Gungun in court agrees to live with Radha and Mohan. Damini fails once again.

Radha Mohan’s Latest Twist: Radha Finds Tulsi’s Death Reason

Furthermore, Radha asks to join the office and everyone agrees except Damini. But later she agrees but on the condition that Radha will not tell anyone that she is Mohan’s wife. Second, Radha will work under Damini. Its means Damini will be her boss in the office.

In the latest episodes, Radha has joined the office. Damini insults her in front of Mohan in the house. Mohan stops her and says you’re her boss in the office so be careful while talking to my wife. But Damini says she is trying to be like Tulsi by wearing her saree and joining the office. Radha is more confident now. She is trying to find out the reason behind Tulsi’s death. Damini tries to insult her in office. She wasn’t given a seat to sit in the meeting. And Damini asks her to make tea. Radha didn’t bother anything.

In the upcoming episodes, what will happen next? Will Radha succeed in finding the mystery behind Tulsi’s death?

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