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Rabb Se Hai Dua Serial Upcoming Twist: Dua Slaps Ruhaan for Shouting at Haider

Rab Se Hai Dua is a Hindi-language family drama serial. It premiered on Zee Tv on 28th November 2022. This Zee5 series is produced by Prateek Sharma under the cover of LSD films. RSHD took the place of Sanjoy and casts Richa Rathore, Aditi Sharma, and Karanvir Sharma. The story revolves around the main leads Haider, Dua, and Ghazal. Aditi Sharma is playing the female protagonist role of Dua. She is a loving and caring wife. Karanvir Sharma is performing his male protagonist character of Haider. He is a successful businessman and the husband of Dua. While Richa Rathore is the female lead of Ghazal. Dua’s happy life takes a huge turn when Haider announces his second marriage with Ghazal.

Rab Se Hai Dua Serial Written Story:

The First Episode of Rab Se Hai Dua starts with the marriage anniversary of the happily married couple Dua and Haider. It has been three years since they have been married. The story starts with Haider’s intense love for his wife Dua, which catches the viewer’s eye and attention. Because on each wedding anniversary, Haider gifts his wife a Diamond necklace to show his love for her. And all the time he praises her for her goodwill, and for being a perfect partner for him.

Well, Dua is not much educated as Haider but has got morals and ethics. She knows how to take care of her husband and his whole family. Dua has also proved to her husband that she is a loving and respected daughter-in-law too. Her mother-in-law also loves her a lot. Well, this serial is not like other typical Hindi serials. Where Saas and Bahu’s fights never end. This serial completely presents the theme of love and belief.

Haider gifts Dua a Diamond Necklace on his 3rd-Anniversary:

As the story moves forward, it is revealed to the audience that Haider and his father’s relationship with each other were never too good. His Father ‘Rahat’ leaves his family for another woman. His decision to have a second marriage breaks Haider’s mother’s heart and takes away his childhood happiness from him. Haider’s mother ‘Heena strongly believes in her son and loves him wholeheartedly. The first episode ends with the life story of Haider and the rift between him and his father. Though Haider has grown up he does not hold the courage to forgive his father’s acts. Haider has a stepbrother ‘Ruhan from his father’s second wife.

As the story folds up Rohan’s reality is exposed to the audience. When he was 6 months old, his family leaves at Heena’s doorstep. Heena and Haider still do not know the truth behind this attempt on his father. But rather than, abandoning Ruhan, Haider and his mother starts taking care of him as their own child. This Hindi drama serial not only unveils maternal love but shares the theme of brotherhood too. Despite Haider’s differences and Rifts with his father, he never showed his anger towards Ruhaan. Je looks and takes off his stepbrother like his own.  Though, Haider looks after his brother he has not forgiven his father yet.

Rahaat Brings Gulnaz Home: RSHD

The RSHD story takes a huge twist when Rahaat brings his lover Gulnaaz to his home. Heena strongly rejects his decision of bringing her home. Though his father Haider lives at his home they had barely any attraction to each other. His father tells him that any day he will fall in love with some. That will be the day when Haider will understand him properly. Since Rahhat has brought Gulnaaz home but Gulnaz wishes to marry Haider. She tries to trap her son in her love spell. So, his mother Heena, and brother Rahaat lose trust in him.

Well, the new cast entry of Ghazal Rahmani changes the whole plot. Dua is still unaware of all of this. Though, she is an innocent woman and does not have evil intentions toward anyone. In that case, she also does not understand someone’s evil intentions behind their acts. The first attraction of Haider and Ghazal was not impressive. He used to get irritated when he sees her. Meanwhile, When Ghazal is trapped in the net of a terrible gangster ‘Iqbal, the story takes a shift. Iqbal is behind Ghazal to take her property from her. When Haider learns about that, he starts showing sympathy and care toward Ghazal.

Heena Wrans Dua about Ghazal:

Willingly or unwillingly, Haider has accepted Ghazal’s presence in his life around him. Dua in her innocence does not notice anything and keeps on trusting Haider blindly. But Heena notices everything and she warns Dua about Ghazal and her involvement in their lives. She also tells Dua, if Haider knew that at an early age, Ghazal’s father saved his life. He will try to pay his debt back in any case. And that can be the reason, Dua can lose Haider too.

Meanwhile, Dua promises her mother-in-law that she will keep an eye on Ghazal. In the present day, Haider apologizes to Dua for not giving her proper attention and time because of the stress of the work. He requests her to be with him at his work. She can help him interview the girls for the Store’s vacant position. Because their clothing store needed a female employee urgently. During the interview, Ghazal appears at the office and apply for the job.

Ghazal and Haider Engagment Secret:

Well, Dua feels Ghazal is the right employee to hire because she has the ability and knowledge regarding Sales. As Ghazal and Haider did not have good impressions of each other.  Dua promises her they will take off her and will not compromise on their deal. Ghazal and Dua become friends. But Later, Dua starts maintaining distance from Ghazal to keep her family and marriage safe from any chaos.

Moreover, Haider’s grandmother also advises Heena and Rahat to fire Ghazal from their store. And they must not forget that she is Zeenat’s daughter. And Her nature will be similar to her mother, sharp and cunning. She can be a snake at any time when she gets a chance. Rahaat tries to convince Dadi, that without any solid reason, they can not just fire her. Heena calms the grandmother by ensuring her that she has already warned Dua about Ghazal and she will keep an eye on her actions.

Dadi requests Dua to save her Marriage from Ghazal:

Moreover, Raahat has brought Gulnaz home, and rather than living peacefully she kept on creating a mess in the home. In the previous episode when Rahaat goes to Heena’s room for Ghazal’s matter. Gulnaz starts blaming him for having an affair with Hina, that’s why he is visiting her room. She also blackmails him for leaving the house with her children. Also, Gulnaz insists on telling her everything that happens in Haider’s house. But thankfully, this time Rahar acts like a man. And he does not tell her what they were talking about in Heena’s room. Upon hearing that, she gets angry and decides to take Noor and Ruhaan Lucknow with her.

Haider and Ghazal closeness:

In the Next Episode of Raab Sy Hai Dua, a massive earthquake hits the earth and Akhtar is informed by the factory staff that Ghazal along with his other workers are trapped there. Meanwhile, Haider was also at his warehouse and he risked his own life to save Ghazal. Dua also reaches the location and also helps the injured to get out of the building and offers water. When Ghazal sees Dua’s efforts she also gets happy so as does Haider. And with the help of Ruhaan and Dua, everyone safely moves out of the factory. Upon hearing that Haider saved Ghazal’s life, she recalls the moment when Ghazal’s father Saqib saved her son’s life. And on his deathbed, he requests her to get his daughter married to her son ‘Haider.

Rab Se Hai Dua Show Cast Real Name & Photos:

Karanvir Sharma

Aditi Sharma

Richa Rathore

Saarvi Omana

रब से है दुआ Show on Zee TV Details: Rab Se Hai Dua

Television Show Rab Se Hai Dua
Main Star Cast Karanvir Sharma

Aditi Sharma

Richa Rathore

Country India
Language Hindi
Network Zee Tv
Channel Voot
Release Date & Timing


28 November 2022, 10:00 PM

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