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Star Bharat Serial ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Latest Twist: The Clashes Between Vidhi and Dev’s Love Story

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Serial Written Story:

Na Umar ki Seema ho is an Indian television drama that premiered on 26th July 2022. It is produced by right click media solution. It airs on Star Bharat.  Its main leads are Rachana Mistri and Muhammad Iqbal Khan as Vidhi and Devrat. The story let out around a self-made businessman and an innocent girl who is in her 20s. The show has gained popularity for its unique storyline. Since the start of the show audience has showered their love on the show. It is a love story with a mixture of drama, entertainment, and romance

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho serial cast

The main lead Vidhi falls in love with business tycoon Dev Raichand. Dev is as old as her father and hence as the title shows love has no boundaries. He lives with his family which includes his stepmom and step-siblings but he considers them as his real mother and siblings. After his father’s death, he decides to not marry until his siblings are settled. His stepmom sees him as someone who has dedicated his entire life to the family and business. So she is hell-bent on getting Dev married.

Viddhi belongs to a middle-class family. She wants to do a job but because of her family traditions, she can’t. Dev and Viddhi meet by chance. Dev impressed by her honesty offers her a job in the Raichand group companies. But she refuses because of her family traditions.

Dev and Vidhi’s Relation:

Dev decides to visit Viddi’s house and convince her father.  When Dev enters her house, he was surprised to see how Viddhi was being insulted by a family who comes with a proposal for her. He tells everyone that Viddhi was offered a position in the Raichand group of companies because of her honesty and her salary is more than the boy who has come to see her. He also says that Viddhi’s biggest asset is her honesty which you people can’t see.

Later Viddhi convinces her father to trust her this time and allow her to join back. So he allows her to work.

Priya, Dev’s sister-in-law is an MBA and has knowledge of how to handle business She wants to work but she is denied because no woman from Richard goes to work. Dev leaves the decision to his mother. And she doesn’t agree with it. She says before marriage we made clear it to Priya’s father that she won’t work after marriage. On the other hand, Priya came here with the dream of becoming a businesswoman. When she wasn’t allowed to do this, she turns out to bitchy bahu who argues with mother in law all the time.

Dev’s younger brother wants to become a chef and was forced by his mother and Dev to join the business. Later Viddhi helps Dev to understand what his younger brother actually wants.

Vidhi Confesses her Love for Dev: NUKSH

Dev and Viddhi soon fall in love and Vidhi first confesses her love for him. Later they confess their family.  As Viddhi’s father has objections to Dev’s age. But later both families agree on their marriage. But before the marriage happens, Amba who is an antagonist spreads fake news of Viddhi’s illness. She made a fake report about Vidhi that she has a disease that can’t be cured and she may die in 2 or 3 months. Viddhi and Dev were left heartbroken. When Amba comes to Vidhi and says you’re gonna die and Dev will live his life alone which isn’t the right thing. Upon this, Vidhi gets emotional and asks the dev to marry Amba.

Vidhi asks Dev to Marry Amba:

First Dev refuses but when Vidhi insists and says that it is her last wish. But, Dev agrees and purposes Amba. Later, he finds out that Amba spread this fake news about Vidhi’s illness and Vidhi is completely fine. And, Dev exposes Amba and tells everyone the truth. Similarly, Amba becomes furious and says to Dev that she will not forgive him and will destroy him. No one gives importance to her. And then She leaves. But, Viddhi goes to Dev’s mother and says If you do not agree we won’t get married. But she smiles and gives Ashrwat to them. And says I’ll be happy to have a daughter-in-law like you.

Furthermore, When Wedding rituals start. But Abhimanyu, Dev’s brother comes with the bad news that Amba is having a press conference against Dev. Everyone wants to see Dev and his family there. So they go to join the press conference but before Dev answers any question, Viddhi reaches there Angrily.  And Viddhi answers every question and clears everyone that she and Dev are with each other. And how Amba tries to come in between them by making her false illness report. Meanwhile, Amba feels insulted and leaves.

Dev gets married to Vidhi:

Before the marriage starts, Dev’s aunt arrived with her husband. She isn’t his real aunt but her stepmother’s sister. She doesn’t like Dev and always say her sister that she shouldn’t treat Dev like Abhi. Well, Dev and Viddhi get married. Everyone in the house treats Viddhi well except Priya and Dev’s aunt.

Moreover, Viddhi makes food for the first time to fulfill the ritual. Though, The food was amazing. But, Her mother-in-law said If you want something from me, I’ll like to give you as a gift. Meanwhile, Viddhi asks for permission to do the job. But her mother-in-law strictly refuses. But later she comes to Viddhi and says she shouldn’t talk to her like that. And she can’t give her permission because Dev’s father has taken a promise from her that Raichand’s bahus will never work. After hearing that, Viddhi understands her situation.

Dev gives permission to Vidhi for continuing her studies:

But later Dev and Vidhi’s mother-in-law has to go somewhere. And, Viddhi’s family comes to visit her but gets insulted by Priya and Dev’s aunt. But later, Viddhi’s mother-in-law arrives and handles the situation. Viddhi’s mother-in-law is a sensible lady. And Dev also supports Viddhi in getting admission to an MBA Degree. Though, Priya is always finding a chance to degrade Viddhi, gets a chance. Though, Viddhi is seen continuing to study along with all the responsibilities of the house. She was given a project and she decided to do it with her parents by opening a small business. It was just an opinion she share with Dev but Dev’s aunt heard it. And later Priya tells this to her mother-in-law in her own words. And says how Viddhi is neglecting you.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Star Bharat tv show Sab Details:

Television Show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho
Main Star Cast                                             Mohammed Iqbal Khan

Rachana Mistry

Country                                         India





Telecast Timing                                 

Star Bharat

23 mins

Channel                                         Disney+ Hotstar
Release Date & Timing   

Telecast Days        

26 July 2022, 8:00 PM

Monday to Saturday

Recurring Cast


Sneha Wagh

Deepshikha Nagpal

Rishina Kandhari

Deepak Dutta

Hemaakshi Ujjain

Aarohi Patel

Ramshankar Singh

Rakesh Paul

Samidha Guru

Swati Tarar

Vijay Kalyani

Jinal Jain

Priya manipulates Seema against Vidhi: NUKSH

Moreover, Priya manipulates Viddhi’s mother-in-law and argues with Viddhi over it. Dev arrives at the spot. Dev’s mother says that Viddhi will not continue his education anymore. But Dev argues with his mother that she will complete her MBA and she can’t let Viddhi stop studying just because of a false statement made by her Bhabi. Dev’s aunt taking advantage of the situation, says How Viddhi has turned Dev against his own mother. Dev’s stepmom starts weeping and says Dev has never done this before.

Vidhi listens to Divya talking someone that she is Dev’s daughter. This left Vidhi broken and she went to read the diary that Dev has already given her.

The story is getting more interesting with every passing day. Is Divya really Dev’s daughter? And will Viddhi’s mother-in-law turn against her? Stay tuned for further updates.

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