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Zee Tv Serial Meet Latest Twist: Shagun puts Meet and Manmeet in Troubles

Meet Serial Written Story: Zee TV

On 23rd August 2021 Zee Tv launched a new drama serial named ‘Meet: Badlegi Duniya ki Reet. It was directed by Vaibhav, Pushkar, and Abinash Kumar and is produced by Shashi Sumeet under the banner of Sumet productions company. This drama serial was released by replacing Zee5’s famous Hindi show ‘Hmarai Wali Good News. The leading stars of the Meet serial are Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey. Like other Hindi serials, this serial is also a remake of Sarthaks’ language shows famously known as ‘Sindura Bindu.

The first episode of Meet started with the life journey of a young girl named ‘Meet Hooda. She is a passionate and strong girl and wants to become like her father. Meet after the death of her father starts holding her household responsibilities. She is like a son who strongly fulfills her responsibilities towards her home. On her journey, she crosses paths with a young man ‘Meet Ahlawat. Though, both individuals are at loggerheads but do not want to give up on any condition. Soon, their flights turn their enemy relationship into best friends relationship.

Meet serial cast

Ahlawat Proposes Manushi for Marriage:

Meanwhile, things take a huge turn when Ahlawat confesses his love for Meet’s younger sister Manushi. Meet becomes happy that her best friend is marrying her sister. Their marriage has been decided as the families have accepted their relationship. But the story had another face too. All this time, Manushi was faking everything and was never in love with Ahlawat. She was already having an affair with Kunal and on her wedding day, she runs away from her house. To save her and her friend’s family’s reputation, Meet decides to take the bold step of marrying her own friend. She was not ready to do all this nor did her family but she had to move according to the situation. Ahlawat gets angry with her and declines to accept Meet as his wife.

Meet and Ahlawat’s Marriage:

After their marriage, Ahlawat’s family understands the situation and advises both couples to start respecting their marriage. But both are unwilling to do so. Meet was hurt by her friend’s anger and hatred towards her. But she knew it will not stay for a long time. Though, during her marriage, she kept on performing all her responsibilities as a daughter-in-law. Ahlawat’s anger has calmed down, and he has started giving importance to his wife Meet. Manushi makes her entry back into the scene and decides to take Ahlawat back into her life. Because her lover Kunal was a culprit and had cheated on her.

Meet fights with Manushi to save her Married Life:

Though Meet has always been sacrificing her happiness for the sake of her family this time she decided she can not sacrifice her husband. Because her husband is first her friend and she will not let any woman ruin her friend’s happiness. However, she is also his wife too and there is no chance that she will let her sister take him away from her. The love bond between Meet and Ahlawat starts building up and they have accepted their marriage. As Meet always wishes to be a Sun inspector like her father, she decides to join the police force and this time rather than discouraging her. Ahlwat decides to support her morally and financially. And Meet with her hard work also proves to him that she was capable of becoming a Sub-inspector.

As the story folds up, Meet comes to know that her father did not die in an accident but someone killed him. And that killer is in her Ahlwat house. Though tensions arise in her life when she finds out it was her father-in-law who was the main culprit. She apologizes to her husband because she has to do her responsibility first honestly. And she will do anything to find out everything the legal way. She consoles him and at that time both share a happy moment and make love.

Meet gives Birth to Ahlawat Baby: Manushi Kidnapps the Baby

Things got worsen in her life When Ahlawat demands Meet leave her job but she refuses to do so. And out of anger, he throws her out of the house. Furthermore, When meet finds out her father-in-law was innocent she brings him home with honor. Right after that, Meet finds out she was pregnant with Ahlawat’s baby. Everything was going happily but things takes a huge upside down. When in a drunk condition Ahlawat kisses his ex-girlfriend misunderstanding her as his own wife Meet. When Meet finds out about the reality, her heart broke into pieces and she decides to leave his house.

During this tension, her health gets worsen and they have to take her to the emergency room. Where she gives birth to his baby but the staff tells everyone they could not save the child because he was stillborn. But in reality, It was her sister Manushi who has planned everything and kidnapped her baby. But Meet finds out her baby is alive because a mother’s heart knows everything.

Zee Tv:  Meet Death Shocks Everyone:

When Meet reaches the spot where her sister calls her to come. She gets into huge trouble because Manushi burns the whole place and leaves her sister Meet to die along with her child there.

After a couple of events, everyone believes that Meet is dead. And has left Ahlawat in great regret by leaving a handwritten note for him. That she loved him with all her heart but she never thought he would cheat on her. And for that reason, she can not live with him anymore.

Meet Serial to take 1-Year Leap:

Moreover, The drama serial takes a one-year leap. Meet has changed her identity and is living in Vadodara as Manjari Desai. All these months she has trained herself to take her revenge on her family. And this time she will forgive anyone nor Manushi, Masoom, and Kunal especially. Because one year before, they have taken away their child from her and ruined her life. On the other side, Ahlawat hates Meet for leaving him and holds the deepest anger towards her.

Meanwhile, Isha gets married the second time but Meet has not forgotten the humiliation she faced during her first marriage. The drama serial takes a huge twist when Isha unintentionally kills Deep and Meey finds her mother in a coma.

Ahlawat Marries Neelam to make Meet Jealous:

To take his revenge on Meet, Ahlawat married Neelam who is Deep’s sister. Just to make Meet jealous of his act and to give her punishment for hiding all this time.  Meet makes her entry into the scene by claiming that she still holds her rights as a wife over Ahlawat which makes Neelam insecure. Well, Ahlawat comes back to her when he finds out about Neelam’s secret of going through Split personality disorder. And she has two personalities one as Neelama and the other as Laila.

After a lot of disputes, Finally, Meet and Ahlawat reunite happily. They adopt a baby with whom they will live a happy life but fate plays its role. And their life journey ends on a tragic note. Terrorists attack the city and during their fight, Ahlawat loses his life in order to save Meets.

Zee TV Serial Meet Details: ZEE5

Drama Name Meet
Main Cast Ashi Singh

Shagun Pandey

Genre Drama
Director Vaibhav Vanshraj Singh
Producer Shashi Mittal

Sumeet Mittal

Jitendra Singla

Channel Name Zee TV
Show Timings Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm
Running Time 20-25 Minutes
Starting Date 23 August 2021
Language Hindi

Meet Season 2: Meet And Manmeet Sangwan’s Love Story

The second season of Meet starts after one year of Ahlawat’s death. She moves to Sarkarput to make her late husband’s dream come true of owning a factory. But things got worsen when she meets the duplicate Ahlawat. She mistakes him for Ahlawat but he was Manmeet Sangwan. Who has the same looks and personality as her lover Ahlawat? In order to complete her husband’s dream she gets into terrible situation and ends up marrying Manmeet Sangwan.

Though, she has a childhood friend whom she used to call Shagun with love. Manmeet makes her entry and decides to take her revenge. Because she thinks because of Meet she has lost her sweetheart Shagun. But destiny brings them closer and they both become good friends. But Shagun starts messing up between them. Because she is jealous of their friendship. On the other hand, Babita and Rajvardhan meet in an accident. And they both die in their cars on the spot. On his death bed, he requests Manmeet to always take care of Meet and never leave her alone.

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