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SonySab Serial Madam Sir Latest News: Season 2 Launch Details

Maddam Sir Serial Written Story:

Madam Sir is an Indian television drama. This is the story of the team that works together and is known as the Mahila Thana team. It involves four female officers. It is a show that empowers women. But, It not only shows the struggle of women in Indian society, but it also concentrates on aspects involving men being the victim of abuse. It is a comedy-action drama. And, It premiered on 24th February 2020, and under Jay Production this serial is produced by Jay Mehta.

Maddam Sir serial cast

Furthermore, The series revolves around four Lucknow-based police officers. They work in Aminabad Mahila police station and use their emotional intelligence to tackle various challenges. As Pushpa is the oldest one. She is the head constable at the police station and keeps on trying to balance her life between home and work. And, Krishna, the sub-inspector is very strict and starts beating the person before knowing the reality. But now she has to solve cases through reconciliation.

However, Santosh Sarma is the new one in them. The Head is S.H.O Haseena Malik (Maddam Sir). She is a very hardworking police officer.  A male constable Cheeteshwar Chakarwedi is also a part of this show. The characters and cases add a lot of fun and humor to the show. But, Pushpa and Karishma are Sas Bahu, who keeps us entertained all the time. Karishma is somehow short tempered whereas Haseena Malik is emotional in solving cases which creates a difference between them.

Abhinav and Haseena Love Story Twist: Abhi Cheats Haseena

Abhinav Singh, a Cousin of Karishma and a secret agent comes to solve the conflicts between Karishm and Haseena. He becomes successful in it. Karishma soon becomes a good friend of Haseena. Soon feelings develop between Haseena and Abhinav. Haseena confesses her love to him and Abhinav accepts it. But later Haseena comes to know that Abhinav does not really love her and did all the drama for a mission. This left Haseena heartbroken.

Later, Abhinav realizes that he actually loves Haseena. So he comes to apologize to her but Haseena rejects him. But things start working for them. They accept each other and decide to get engaged. On the engagement day, they were so excited and happy but eventually, Abhinav gets a call from his colleague and is told to leave the city for the mission. So he leaves everything there and goes on a mission.

Haseena Death:

A new case comes up when Thana gets a humanoid ASI Mira for trial whether it is successful or not. Karishma does not like it and says this is so crazy that now robots will work in the police stations, not humans. Karishma and Meera now together solve cases. On the other hand, Haseena collides with a  secret agent. He has to deliver a hard disc containing details of all the secret agents. But when he failed in doing so. His leader kills him and hacks Meera and orders her to shoot Haseena. But after doing this she realizes and tells everybody in the police station.

Madam Sir to Take One month leap: Haseena Comes Back

Puspa and Karishma meet Urmila who is Haseena’s look alike. But later it was revealed that Urmila is Haseena itself and she fake her identity due to the order of senior secret agent Ajay Bakshi. Because they are trying to find the perpetrators who are involved in terror activities.  Later it was found that Abhinav is behind all this. It shook Haseena to the core. But later she shoots Abhinav and Abhinav fires back. Haseena loses her memory. Karishma destroys the hard drive and shoots Abhinav the result of which Abhinav dies. After some time, Haseena regains her memory and reunited with the MPT team.

The new twist comes in drama when Amar Vidrohi enters the Mahila Police Thana. The cases become more interesting with the rivalry between the two teams to get control over MPT. Santosh which was a newcomer and Cheetah fall in love with one another. Haseena was charged with false allegations. She goes underground in order to prove her innocence.

Kareena Traps Karishma in MPT Case:

Amar after some time realizes that Mahila Police Thana belongs to the MPT team only. The new SHO enters in thana named Misri Panday. Later revealed that she is the one who framed Haseena. Thus Haseena returns back with dignity.

Karishma has a twin sister. Her name is Kaushalya aka Kareena and is an actress. She returns back to Lucknow because her new role is of a cop. She asks Karishma for help. Karishma forgetting their past conflicts, decides to help her. Kareena is a friendly girl. She soon started to enjoy the company of MPT.

Later. Someone from the team realizes that Kareena is unknowingly planning to be used as a bomber and rescues her.

Chingari Gang Twist in the Story:

Soon, the Chingari gang comes into the story. They try to replace the police. The strange behavior from gangs is that they provide justice to women but they torture men who try to harass women. MPT tries to stop them but failed each time.  Cheetah was about to suspend from the job due to his careless nature. But later, Santosh out of love took all the blame on her. So she gets suspended. Karishma secretly joins the Chingari gang in order to catch them.

Furthermore, Cheetah talks to Binni through an online app. He learns that it is actually Binni from the Chingari gang. Haseens tells her to gain Bini’s trust so in this way they will get a clue about the Chingari gang and will end this gang. But later Shivani from the gang gets to know about Binni’s affair with Cheetah and decides to get out Binni of the gang. Binni learns that Karishma isn’t loyal to the gang and is trying to betray the gang. She tells this to Shivani. She tries to kill Karishma which was later saved by MPT. Finally, Shivani takes all the blame on herself and surrenders.

Maddam sir Serial Happy ending:

The new turn in the drama comes when Mira comes with her new version of Mera Jee. She pretends that she can tell what crime will happen next but unfortunately gets shot and was sent to the Research center.

ACP Naina Mathur enters into the story. She is a class fellow of Haseena and comes back to Lucknow after so long in search of a criminal named Cherry. Cherry tries to kill Naina. But Karishma and  Haseena save her. Later. a girl arrived at MPT named Shazia Siddiqi. She reveals that she escapes from a village in order to give her police entrance exam. And also tells the men in her village don’t allow females to get an education or make name for themselves. But Team MPT succeeds in giving justice to Shazia and her mother.

Haseena gets promoted to DSP but unfortunately, the MPT gets blasted, and everyone assumes the whole MPT to be dead. But Haseena manages to survive as she was seen describing her journey with MPt at the end of the drama. The drama was off-air on 23 February 2023. Well, it is not yet declared but according to the rumors, Season 2 of Madam Sir will soon make its entry back on SonyLIV.

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