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Zee Tv Kumkum Bhagya Serial Written Story:

Kum Kum Bhagya is an indian popular family drama.  It premiered on August 2014. As we know Indian dramas are years-long stories. It is one of them comprised of different generations. The drama begins with the love story of Pragya and Abhishek.  Abhi is a rockstar whereas Pragya is a simple and family-loving girl. They both fall in love after their marriage. The drama is in continuation with the second generation of Pragya and Abhishek. The new characters are Mugda Chaphekar as Prachi and Krishna Kaul as Ranbir.

One of the main leads Pragya belongs to a middle-class family. On the other hand, Abhishek is a rockstar. Pragya’s mother Sarla Arora owns a marriage hall named “ Kumkum Bhagya”. She is a single mother to two daughters Pragya and Bulbul. She wants her daughter to get married into a good family but her daughters have different ambitions.

Furthermore, Pragya works as a teacher in a college and Bulbul has a job in an office. His boss is Purab, Abhi’s best friend. Though, Bulbul and Purab hate each other later they both fell for each other. Alia, the sister of Abhishek loves Purab and wants to get married to him. But she comes to know that Purab has already someone in his life. In search of that girl, she misunderstood his affair with Bulbul and she thinks he loves Pragya. He tells this to Abhishek. He decides to get married to Pragya as revenge thinking she is trapping Purab for the sake of money. Finally, Abhi and Pragya got married in an arranged marriage

Pragya gets to know the truth behind her marriage With Abhi:

Pragya got to know the truth behind her and  Abhishek’s marriage. Purab finally agrees to marry Alia but he escapes on his marriage day. Abhi finally comes to know the truth about Purab and Bulbul’s love and gets them married. This made Alia furious and she start teasing Pragya along with Tannu. Eventually, Prgya and Abhi’s relationship starts getting better. Tannu gets pregnant with Nikhil’s child but fakes her DNA report and tells everyone this is Abhi’s child. Nikhil himself supports her for the sake of Abhi’s wealth. This all effect Abhi and Pragya’s relationship. Finally, Pragya finds out the truth. But unfortunately, before exposing Tannu she meets an accident and everyone assumed her to be dead.

Tannu blames Pragya for her miscarriage

Pragya returns back after a month. Aliya tries to kill Pragya but Bulbul dies instead. Pragya gets heartbroken and revealed the truth about Aliya. Everyone bashed Aliya. Later, Pragya was about to expose Tannu and Nikhil’s relationship but Tannu met an accident and got a miscarriage. She blames Pragya for her miscarriage. Abhi got angry with Priya and parted ways. She was pregnant with a baby at that time. Purab marries Disha in order to save her from Sanghram Singh who only wants to hurt her. Later, both Pragya and Abhi fall into deep and Strong love bonds with each other.

KumKum Bhagya Serial to take 7 years Leap:

7-year shave passed and Pragya now has a daughter named Kiara. They both live with a man King Sing who is a musician. Abhi’s hatred for Pragya makes him accept Tannu but he still misses Pragya. Abhi meets Kiara at the airport but he assumes it is King Singh’s daughter. But he learns about the truth after Kiara’s accident. He got so emotional after knowing Kiara is his daughter.

Finally, all the misunderstandings were clear and the family reunites. Disha gives birth to Purab’s son Sunny.  Pragya gets pregnant again with twins. Pragya and Abhi’s life takes a shocking turn when they lose their daughter Kiara. Nikhil kidnapped Kiara during Prgya’s baby shower. But unfortunately drowns in the river. On the other side, Pragya gives birth to two beautiful twins. Abhi and Prgya blame each other for Kiara’s death and got separated. Pragya takes Prachi with her whereas Abhi keeps Rhea.

Drama then took a 20-year leap

20 years later: KumKum Bhagya Part 2

Prachi and Rhea are now grown-up girls. Prgya lives in Hoshiarpur with her daughter Prachi. Prachi and Rhea are two strong personalities but are complete opposites of each other. Prachi is a complete replica of Pragya in terms of her simplicity and sensitivity.

Speaking about being a part of the show Mugdha said, “ Prachi’s character is of a simple girl who is sensitive and responsible much like her mother, and puts her family before everything.”

Rhea on the other hand is as spoilt and pampered as the one born in the lap of luxury. The love triangle is formed between Prachi, Rhea, and Abhi’s friend’s son, Ranbir. Ranbir Kohli is college heartthrobe.

Ranbir and Prachi fall in love with each other.  Purab and Disha separated due to misunderstandings caused by Alia. Later Alia and Purab gets married and had a son Aryan. Ranbir and Prachi get married. Abhi blames Pragya for always favoring Prachi and cuts ties with her. Pragya meets an accident and everyone thinks she’s dead.

After two years, Pragya who is alive comes back to India. She misunderstands and wants to take revenge because she thinks he’s the one who tried to kill her. But later she comes to know that it is Taunnu and Alia’s plan to get them separated.  She realizes her mistake and finally, they both reunite.  Later they meet an accident and fall into a coma. Prachi and Ranbir are enjoying their married life. Rhea gets married to Siddharth. He is Ranbir’s elder cousin. The trial in Parachi’s life comes when Rhea creates a misunderstanding between Ranbir and Parachi and they get separated. After some time Rhea takes divorces Sidharth and tries to try to convince Ranbir to marry by doing a fake suicide drama.

Prachi returns back in Ranbir’s life: Zee Tv

She succeeds in doing so. Ranbir agrees to marry her. But their marriage was proved invalid by Prachi later. Prachi comes back to Kohli’s house and regains her rights as she is her legal wife. She also exposed the real faces of Alia and Rhea. Alia kills Abhi and Pragya in a coma and is sent to jail. But ran away from prison. Parachi gives birth to a baby girl which was later kidnapped by Alia. She throws her into a river in order to take revenge on Parachi. Parachi blames Ranbir and gets separated from him but unfortunately, Prachi meets an accident and is assumed to be dead

The drama takes a leap of 6 years. Parachi and Panchi both are alive. Prachi starts living in Banglore and is a businesswoman. Prachi comes to Delhi and meets Khushi but is still unaware that she is Panchi. Ranbir and Prachi meet in Delhi but still  Prachi doesn’t want to be with her. The Son of Parachi’s boss Akshay is in love with her. Rhea returns to Delhi.

Latest Twist in Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi and Ranbir’s Love Story

In the latest episodes of the drama, we can see how Akshay is concerned about Parachi but Prachi still loves Ranbir and doesn’t want any kind of relationship with him. This all made Akshay curious to know about her past. But he knows that Prachi will not tell him. So, he decides to contact Rhea to know about her past.  On the other hand interesting situation between Prachi and Ranbir when they both get stuck in a lift. Both taunt each other about having partners at the start. Ranbir says I’m glad that you have found someone of desire. Prachi says the same thing about Rhea.

After some time they feel that they are in danger as the lift may fall. Akshay and Rhea both get worried about them and call them constantly. Meanwhile, Prachi and Ranbir share an emotional moment when Prachi says that she isn’t scared of being dead as she has lost her father, mother, and daughter and starts weeping. Ranbir hugs her. The story is getting more interesting with every passing day. Will Ranbir and Prachi reunite or Parachi will get married to Akshay? Will Rhea help Akshy to know about Prachi’s past?

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