Jhanak Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, Latest News and More

Jhanak Realse Date:

Jhanak is an Indian family and romantic TV drama serial that aired in November 2023 on Star Plus and Hotstar recently.

Jhanak Production Team:

This exclusive serial gained huge hype because of its story and the cast members of the serial have a huge audience attraction and demand in the drama industry. The story of this serial was inspired by the Jol Nupur serial from Satr Jalsha production and crossed more than 60 episodes till now. This drama was produced by Magic Moment Motion production by Sujit Pyne.

Jhanak Serial Cast, with their Real Names And Main Roles:

The cast of this serial consists of some huge names in the drama industry that are the main reason for the popularity of this serial. Let’s take an eye view on the cast members.

  • Hiba Nawab is the leading actress in this serial and played the role of Jhanak in the serial, famous for her beauty with high fan demand.
  • Krushal Ahuja played the role of Anirudh in the serial and is famous for his attractive look in the serial.

Many other stars like Dolly Sohi, Chandni Sharma, Shilpa Tulaskar, and Saurabh Agarwal also played roles in this serial.

The synopsis of the story – Written update

The story starts with a girl, Jhanak who lives alone with her mother after her father leaves them. Her mother brought her alone and provided all the necessary stuff to her. Now she has grown up and worked in a news company as a journalist. There her boss was a bad person and got a crush on her. He wanted to start a relationship with her but he was already married. For this, he asked her many times and wanted to impress her and one day he sent a proposal to her house. When her mother saw the proposal she rejected that because he was already married and an aged man.

After some time, The mother of Jhanak started to live ill and then died suddenly. After the death of her mother, she came to know the truth that she had been suffering from cancer for many long time but she never expressed it to her daughter. She got dishearted and blamed herself for all the stuff that happened to her.

After that, her boss wanted to take revenge on her and for this, he fired her and also took her house back. Her aunt brought her to their home where they started to live with their cousins. On her birthday, she was depressed and missing her mother badly. Her aunt’s family tried their best to cheer her up but she is still crying. After some time her friend brought her to the party of their college friend. Where she forgets about her sorrow for some time and then meets with Anirudh. Anirudh was a young guy who was in love with her. Arshi was the party girl and also in love with Anirudh.

Jhanak serial upcoming twist, latest news, gossip, and spoilers:

Jhanak got stuck in the washroom and when came back to the party all the cake spread and no one remained for her. She got dishearted and wanted to go from there, and then Anirudh gave her his piece of cake. This makes Arshi jealous.
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