Imlie written updates, Upcoming Story, Twist, Spoilers, and Latest News

Imlie Realse Date:

Imlie is one of the most watched Indian Hind language serials that came out on the screens of Indian Television in November 2020 on Star Plus also available on Hotstar.

Imlie Produced by:

This serial has much more popularity and many people still love to watch this serial now it has more than 1100 episodes and still running with an exclusive twist in the story. The story was written by Aparajita Sharma and produced under 4 Lions Films by Gul Khan.

Imlie serial cast with Real Name And Mian Role:

In the cast of this serial, you can see many bright stars of the Indian drama industry that brought this serial reach to a high rank. Let’s take an eye view on them.

  • Sumbul Touqeer played the role of Imlie Singh in the serial, the first leading role of Generation One.
  • Gashmeer Mahajani played the role of Aditya, husband of Malini and Imli also played role in season one.
  • Mayuri Deshmukh played the role of Malini, the first wife of Aditya.
  • Megha Chakraborty played the role of Imli in the second generation of the story.
  • Karan Vohra played Aryan Singh, a lead role in the second season.

The synopsis of the Story – written updates

The story starts with a village famous for its tradition and culture and also for its hard rules to live there. There was a girl Imli lived there alone after her parents’ deaths her life took a turn when a journalist Aditya Singh came to her village to make a documentary on the rules and culture of that village. Suddenly they have to face a heavy storm that comes unexpectedly. Imlie saw him in trouble and then allowed him to stay in her house until the storm stopped. But when they wake up in the morning then all the villagers take it wrongly that they spend a night together. According to that village rule, they must have to marry each other if they do anything like this. Otherwise, all the villagers kill them.

Aditya was already married but he was ready to marry her to save his life. After that, he brought her to his city where he asked her to live like a maid for some time until he told her family about this. His wife, Malini came to know about this then she decided to get separated from him. Aditya loved her very much and then he just left Imli and started to live with her.

Aditya fell for Imli at that time but she met with Aryan and then fell for each other. On the other hand, Aditya’s life is not going smoothly and their marriage faces various challenges. He just left that country and moved to another country. Imli got married to Aryan and then they had a daughter named Imlie.

Imlie serial spoiler, gossip with an upcoming twist, and story update:

In the upcoming episodes, you can see that Imlie’s daughter Imli grew up with the daughter of Aditya Cheeni. Both of them fell in love with Atharva and in this way, a love triangle started.
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