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Colors Tv Durga Aur Charu Serial Latest Twist: Charu Confesses her Marriage Truth with Anirban

Durgha and Charu is the second season of Barrister Babu. It premiered on 12 December 2022. It is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. The main character in season 1 is Pravisht Mishra and Anchal Sahu as Anirudh and Bondita. Whereas in season 2 main leads are Rachi Sharma and Adrija Roya as Durga and Charu.

Barrister Babu First Season written Story: Colors TV

This show is to be set in the Pre-independence era. Anirudh Chaudhary, a 22-year-old boy who has just returned from London is the main character. Anirudh is supposed to be married to his childhood fiancé. An 11-year-old girl who belongs to Bengal is living with her widow mother, her selfish aunt, and her uncle. Her uncle’s daughter is getting married to Anirudh’s best friend. Bondita’s uncle and aunt fix her marriage with an elderly man for the sake of money.

On the wedding day, Anirudh passes by and when saw this injustice takes a stand for Bondita. But as no one listens to him. But marriage does not take place as the groom dies on the spot. The groom’s relatives consider her a widow and set her to be a part of Sati. Anirudh argues with them to save Bondita but failed. So at last he ends up marrying Bondita. He takes Bondita home where all his family is shocked to know this. Saudamini, his fiancé when learns about it plans evil to separate them. Anirudh’s father, Binoy does not like Bondita much and always wanted his son to settle in London. So he supports Saudamini. Anirudh sees Bondita as her responsibility rather than his wife.

Anirudh Marries Bondita to save her life:

After some time, Anirudh’s uncle accepts Bondita in order to save the family’s reputation. After a series of events, Anirudh’s uncle finds out the evil plans of Saudamini but before he exposes her Saudamini pushes him. As a result, he gets head injuries and loses memory. Later, Saudamini was exposed by Anirudh and expels out of the house. Later, Bondita cures Anirudh’s uncle. Bondita gets admission to the school. But Bondita becomes more focused on being a good wife and less on her studies. This made Anirudh to be strict with her as he wants Bondita to get good grades.

Soo, Anirudh, and Bondita cancel their marriage in order to support the child marriage restraint act. The villagers get angry and try to kill Bondita. However, Anirudh manages to save her. Thanks maa, Bondita’s paternal grandaunt tackles her to Krishna Nagar. Later Anirudh sends her to London to fulfill her dream of becoming a barrister.

Bondita goes to Canada to become a Barrister:

Years later Bondita returns to India and now is grown up. She wants to meet Anirudh but Anirudh refuses to meet anyone from Krishna Angar. It is due to someone from Krishna Nagar attacking Binoy as a result of which he is not well. Later Anirudh and Bondita meet, confess their love, and gets married. Bondita gives birth to two twins.

Durga Aur Charu serial Details: Voot

Serial Name Durga Aur Charu
Language Hindi
Telecast days & Timings Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm
Release Date 12 December 2022
Channel Colors TV
Cast Details Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni

Vaishnavi Prajapati

Jyoti Mukherji

Chandan K Anand

Krish Chauhan

Mohit Kumar

Rachi Sharma

Adrija Roy

Riya Shukla

Season 2: Durga and Charu Written story

This show starts in the year 1942. Anirudh and Bondita are going out with the kids to celebrate their kids’ 5th birthday. They have named their daughters Durga and Devi. While sitting in the car Durga and Devi make a promise that they will never leave each other. But moments after their car meets an accident with the truck. It marks an end to the love story of two barristers. Durga falls down in the bushes whereas Durga remains in the car. Devi got serious injuries on their head and loses memory. The truck driver when sees that both Bondita and Anirudh are dead takes Devi and rushes from the spot.

Durga Charu to take 5 Years Leap:

Durga sometimes sees the nightmare of an accident that took place 5 years ago. So this night when she saw the same nightmare she got scared and locks herself in the cupboard. Durga’s fear is increasing with time. It is due to the bad behavior of Saman and her husband. They always bully her. But Durga can’t go against them. They have an eye on Roy Chaudhary’s property.

Meanwhile, Devi aka Charu has been a family circus worker. Her adoptive parents are Banke and Bholi. She had a love for one thing and that was education. Though, Durga wanted to be a barrister. But She calls her adoptive mother Neem ki Goli instead of Bholi as he was always after money.

Durga burns her hand in order to meet Devi. Binoy wants to treat Durga in a better hospital but Samona got furious when she learns about it. And, She always taunts Durga for a single penny that was spent on her. After a lot of drama, Finally, Durga and Charu see each other. They get so emotional when they reunite.

Bholi Sells Charu at Kotha:

Furthermore, Charu tries to run away from Bholi because she hates her greed for money. But unfortunately, she gets caught and Bholi later sells her in a Kotha. Charu along with Chumki manages to run away from there. Banke died. Charu got heartbroken after knowing about Banke’s death. Bholi puts all the blame on Charu but later Bholi was exposed for her lie when Banke comes back but has lost his memory. Bholi cunningly creates a lot of problems a result of which Charu gets arrested. Sampurna forces Durga to take the oath that she will not meet Charu again.  Charu assumes that Durga is behind all this and starts hating Durga.

Durga Hatred Towards Charu: 10-Year Later

Durga and Charu are now grown-up girls. Both adopted the profession of their parents and become barristers.  But the major difference between both is Durga again gets all the luxuries and privileges which unfortunately Charu couldn’t. Charu still hates Durga as she thinks because of Durga she has to face prison for 10 years. But she doesn’t know that it was Durga who used to send all her pocket money to her. Durga returns back to Haveli but is shocked to see the condition of Haveli as Bholi still lives there with Chumki and represented her as Devi.

Anirbhan and Charu’s Love Story:

Furthermore, Sampurna asks her for marriage but she refuses and says that she wants to fight cases as she is a barrister. After a series of events twist comes into drama when a love triangle is formed between Anirban, Durga, and Charu. Durga clears Charu’s misunderstanding and their relationship comes to normal. Anirban loves Charu but Charu sacrifices her love for Durga. But on the wedding day, Durga meets an accident and suddenly forgets what happens on that day.

On the other hand, Charu and Anirban get married. But Charu hides this from everyone including Anirban and Durga. Later Anirban comes to know the truth by seeing his picture which was accidentally taken under Ghunghat (The Vail). He argues with Charu to expose this. But she refuses as she doesn’t wanna see Durga in pain. What will happen next? How will the truth reveal and how will Durga react after knowing the truth? Stay tuned for further updates.

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