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Zee Tv Serial Doosri Maa Written Story and Cast Details!

Dosri Maa is a famous Indian television drama. It is a very emotional drama with a unique storyline that revolves around a kind-hearted lady who tackles all her problems with great courage. She is taunted by society when she decides to raise an illegitimate child for her husband when he and his mistress dies in an accident. It premiered on 20 September 2022. It is produced under the banner of Zee Studios. The main leads are Neha Joshi and Aayudh Bhanushali as Yashoda Gupta and Krishan Gupta. Aayudh Bhanushali as Krishna is also a main character.

Doosri Maa Serial Cast.

Doosri Maa Serial Written Story: Zee Tv

The drama is about Yashoda as she deals with her husband’s past. The storyline is the dilemma of Yashoda torn between the anguish of a wronged wife and compassion for the plight of Krishna. The drama starts when Yashoda meets a little boy Krishna and her mother Mala. His mother is hospitalized. Yashoda is a very kind-hearted lady so she decides to help them. Yashoda is a housewife. Her husband Ashok is a lawyer. With two daughters, they are a happy family.

Talking about the character of Yashoda in this Zee Tv Serial Doosri Maa, Neha Joshi claims that “ Like all other Asian women, Yashoda is also a very devoted housewife, a caring mother, and a social worker. Without any doubt, her role is full of love, and practicality. And gives a clear presentation of a pragmatic woman. And, She has a unique way of making people realize their mistakes.

Krishna goes to an orphanage after Mala’s death:

Meanwhile, Mala is a single parent who is now on her deathbed. She asks Yashoda to take care of her child, Krishna after her death. Yashoda promises to provide Krishna with a safe and secure future without knowing that Krishna is her husband’s illegitimate child with Mala. On the other hand, Mala sends a letter to Ashok that she is hospitalized and has very little time. Ashok when comes to meet her shocked to see Yashoda with Mala. But then moves out of the hospital.

Ashok Refuses to Accept Krishna:

Later, Mala died. Ashok refuses to keep Krishna in their house. So due to compulsion, she sends Krishna to the orphanage. Ashok feels for Krishna but does not have the courage to reveal the truth. He doesn’t want to ruin his present for the past. He loves his family and two daughters and doesn’t wanna hurt any of them.

Yashoda on the other side tries hard to find out Krishna’s father but failed. She tries to get Krishna back home but Suresh Gupta, his father-in-law stops her. And says he could not allow any unknown to live in this house. We even don’t know about his family. Krishna is very sensible but has the innocence of a child. He loved his mother a lot. After losing his mother Krishna feels deep anger toward his unknown father. He also blames Yashoda who makes a false promise of saving his mother and taking care of him. But she sends him to an orphanage.

Suresh agrees to keep Krishna:

After a series of events, Yasoda decides to get back Krishna from the orphanage. But Krishna refuses. He is angry with everyone and doesn’t want support from anyone. Yashoda says that your mother dreamt of you being a lawyer. And if you live there you can’t fulfill your mother’s dream.

Thus, Krishna agrees to go with her. But as soon as they reach the house, Suresh does not let him in the house. Yashoda sits at the entrance of the house and decides to not go into the house until they don’t allow Krishna to live in the house. First Suresh denies her. Later, they give him permission to live in the house just for 6 months. And also Krishna will not live here as a family member but as a servant. He will do all the house chores. Before Yashoda and Ashoh say something, Krishna agrees and says I will do all the house chores by myself.

Ashok hides the truth about Krishna’s Father:

Ashok is in confusion rather he should tell Yashoda the truth or not. Krishna does house chores all day. Yashoda feels guilty but can’t do anything.

Nurpur and Astha are daughters of Yashoda and Ashok. Nurpur is a kind-hearted girl like her mother and treats Krishna like a brother. On the other hand, Astha does not like Krishna and gets jealous if her parents adore Krishna or buy him something. Yashoda bought Krishna a new pair of shoes. Krishna was very happy but later he puts them on fire. Yashoda gets dishearted by this odd behavior of Krishna but believes there is some reason behind it. Later, she finds out he did all this because of Astha.

Astha usually reminds Krishna that this is her and Nurpur’s house. He is just a servant here.

 Zee Tv Serial Doosri Maa Details: दूसरी माँ

Television Show                                     Doosri Maa                            
Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Neha Joshi

Aayudh Bhanushali

Mohit Dagga

Nidhi Uttam

Sunil Dutt

Anita Pradhan

Country India
Language Hindi
Network Zee Tv, Zee5
Release Date 20 September 2022

Doosri Maa Serial Huge Twist: Truth Revealed on Yashoda

Kaamini, the sister of Ashok knows the truth about Krishna. Mala was her junior at college. She demands 1 lac from Ashok in order to conceal the truth. Kaamini is the antagonist in the drama and hates Yashoda and tries to degrade her.  On a birthday, Kaamini was about to reveal the truth but failed but Yashoda gets the clue that her family has some relation with Mala. Later Krishna tells her that her mother was Kaamini’s junior in college because he has seen some photographs of them together.

Ashok leaves the house and meets an accident. Later, gradually the truth revealed that Krishna is Ashok’s son. Yashoda does not believe this and says I won’t believe it till Ashok come back and tell me the truth by himself. Nurpur and Astha are very angry after knowing the truth. Astha hates Krishna. She says I’ll not accept him at any cost. The other family members start commenting on Mala’s character.

Krishna Fights for His Mother’s Honor:

Krishna breaks the silence and replies to them. Yashoda tries to stop him from arguing. Krishna draws a line in the room and says that From now on there will always be a distance between us. I know this is your in-laws and you have a right to take their side. But I’ll not keep quiet if they will talk badly about my mother. Yashoda agrees and in return takes a promise from Krishna that he will not leave the house. Krishna promises her he won’t leave until she herself says him to do so.

In the latest episodes, the struggles and problems of Krishna have increased after the truth was revealed. Because the family is not ready to accept the illegitimate child. Kaamini is worried that if Krishna gets worried accepted by the family then he’ll be inherent. Thus she along with her father and other family members plans against Krishna. One night they mix something in his food, and Krishna gets faints. They put a cloth around him. And take him out of the house but eventually Yashoda learns about it. What will happen? In the upcoming episode, Will Yashoda Save Krishna?

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