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The Serial Dheere Dheere Se also known as Ashaon ka Savera is an Indian drama television series. This drama has a unique storyline that captivates the audience. The story revolves around a widow who is trying to cope with the challenges she faces after the death of her husband. But the entry of a new man turns the story which brings new things and the old feelings of love into her life. It premiered on 12 December 2022. And, It is produced by Siddharth Kumar. The main leads in the series are Reena Kapoor and Rahil Azim as Bhavna and Raghav

Dheere Dheere Se Serial Written Story:

The story starts with Bhavna doing house chores in the morning. Her family includes her daughter, father-in-law who is very kind towards her, brother-in-law Amit and  Bhanu, and two Bhabis. But, her brother-in-law Bhanu is a very odd person. He always degrades her and has put all the burden of the house on Bhavna. As he does not support them financially. Also tears the insurance check Bhavna because he can’t digest the fact that the cheque comes in her name. He wants all the money by himself. Bhavna when learns it, is completely shocked. She argues with him but in return, his Bhanu insults her. All the family member misbehaves with her.

Entry of Raghav in Bhavna’s Life: Dheere Dheere Se

Bhavna went to the grocery and there she meets Raghav for the first time Dheere Dheere Se. He helps her how to pay online through the app. But later had an argument over a small thing. Someone told Raghav that she was Deepak’s widow. Then, he feels sad for her. Bhavna continues with the struggles. Her daughter Anchal is studying at a school. She always advises her to study hard as she wants to see her successful. Raghav lives in the neighborhood. And always tries to help and support Bhavna.

Once he sees Anchal in trouble and comes to save her. There was no one in the house except Bhavna and Anchal. But later Arvi listen to the mother-daughter talk when Bhavana was saying she did not tell anybody that Raghav came here today. But unfortunately, Arvi listens and tells her father about the matter. Bhanu calls Bhavna and asks questions. Bhavna replies There is always a fight between two families that has why I have hidden that Raghav has come today and he just come to help Anchal.

Anchal gets Kidnap:

Moreover, Raghav feels for Bhavna as she struggles a lot for survival after her husband’s death. After a series of events, Bhanu’s son Abhishek‘s marriage is fixed. Unfortunately, Raghav got attacked by some unknown persons. Later, Bhavna finds out that Bhanu was behind this attack. On Abhishek’s wedding day, Anchal gets kidnapped. The kidnappers call Bhavna and say she has done what they say otherwise, they will harm Anchal.

Furthermore, Raghav is hospitalized but he feels that there is something wrong. He calls Bhavna and feels she is worried about something. Although, he decides to go to the wedding. And, he hides his face before reaching there. Police arrive at the wedding to arrest Bhanu. Bhanu gets arrested. Meera’s parents canceled the wedding by saying that they will not let their daughter marry such a family. Abhishek tries to stop Meera but she says that she can’t live without her parents so she has to go with them.

Raghav takes Bhawna to his Home:

Although, Raghav asks Bhavna why she did this. She tells him everything. Eventually, Bhavna gets a call from kidnappers. They say that she has done a good job now they will set Anchal free. Before she gets Anchal back home, Bhanu’s wife asks her to leave the house. Bhavna gets shocked and says Where will she go this time? But Bhanu’s wife is very angry with her.

Later Raghav gets her to his home. Bhavna and Anchal starts living here. Raghav’s family includes his mother Savita, father Brijmohan, sister Dimple, brother and brother’s wife Swati. Al behaves well with Bhavna and Anchal. Savita tries to give money to Bhavna but she refuses to get the money. She says that it will be better if you will help me to find a job. I want to work myself and bring up my daughter on my own. Savita gets impressed by her courage. But later Raghav’s father refuses her to do a job. Because he thinks it is not good for women to work outside. Bhavna feels upset but does not lose hope and is trying to find a way to do work in a great way.

Bhavna wins the competition:

Finally, the drama takes a twist and Bhavna on his way home finds a paper. She got so happy to read the news. It was about a competition whoever designs the best dress will get a chance to win. Meanwhile, She also decides to take part in the competition, so she can prove her family her strength. She goes to in laws’ house in order to get her clothes and sewing machine. But when she asks for his things. His bhabhi from the third floor throws the machine which is shattered into pieces.

But later, with the help of Raghav, she takes part in a competition and wins. And after this, she gets a big project. They give her half payment in advance. She gets a shirt for Raghav and gifts him later. Bhavna’s life is getting better. Anchal forces her to get ready like all other working women. So Bhavna starts wearing beautiful sarees and doing makeup. Anchal asks her if she can wear a saree and do makeup on her farewell but Bhavna refuses her and says she has to wait until she’s 12. And, Anchal does her makeup and she looks so pretty. Anchal takes her photos and sends them to Raghav. Raghav gets minimized seeing her photos. Later, Bhavna gets back to her in-law’s home.

Bhanu Traps Bhawana:

Raghav’s mother wants him to get married. She gives him some Rishta pictures. Raghav without seeing any picture returns it back. Abhishek and Dimple become good friends. And attend one of their mutual friend’s engagements together. Later, both develop feeling for one another.

In the latest episodes, Bhanu locks Bhavna so that she can’t attend the meeting. But Raghav out of nowhere reaches her. Unfortunately, Bhanu reaches the spot and starts fighting with Raghav about what is he doing there. But soon, Abhishek reaches he tells Bhanu that he has some work with him which is why he is here. Bhavna says to Bhanu I know you locked me so I would not attend the meeting but I’ll.

 In the upcoming episodes, what will happen? Will Bhavna attend the meeting? And how will they get to know each other’s feelings?

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