Dharam Patni (Colors) Serial Cast, Story Twist, Spoilers, Real Name Timings

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatnii (transl. Seven Vows Of Love: Wife) is an Indian Hindi-language drama television series. It started on 28 November 2022 on Colors TV and is digitally available on Voot. Produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms, Dharam Patni stars Fahmaan Khan and Kritika Singh Yadav.

Genre  Drama
Created by  Etka Kapoor 
Written by  Anil Nagpal

Kavita Nagpal 

Screenplay by  Anil Nagpal

Marinal Tripathi 

Story by  Anil Nagpal 
Directed by  Muzammil desei
Creating director  Imran mir

Tanya rajash

Starring  Faheem khan

Karitika sigh yadv

Theme music composer  Lalit Sen

Nawab arzoo

Country of origin  India
Original Language  Hindi
No seasons  1
No episodes 85
Executive producer  Tanushree Das Gupta
Producer  Ekta Kapoor

Shobha Kapoor 

Camera setup  Multi camera 
Production company  Balaji telefilms 
Original network  Colour tv
Picture Format  576i

HD tv 1080i

Original release 28 November -2022

Main Cast

  • Fahmaan Khan as Ravi Amardeep Randhawa: Amardeep and Mandeep’s son; Amaira’s elder brother; Beeji’s grandson; Vikrant, Dolly, Gurmeet and Harneet’s nephew; Aditya and Nupur’s cousin; Keerti and Kavya’s former fiancé; Pratiksha’s husband (2023–present)
  • Kritika Singh Yadav as Pratiksha Ravi Randhawa (née Parekh) : Bharvi and Jignesh’s eldest daughter; Kinjal and Parul’s elder sister; Prateek and Hansa’s niece; Dhaval and Malhar’s former fiancée; Ravi’s wife (2023–present)


  • Akash Jagga as Malhar Thakur: Prateek and Hansa’s nephew; Pratiksha’s former fiancé; Keerti’s murderer
  • Gurpreet Bedi as Keerti Gulshan Sachdev: Gulshan and Manvi’s elder daughter; Ravi’s former fiancée; Kavya’s elder sister (2022–2023) (dead)
  • Syed Ashraf Karim as Jignesh Parekh – Bharvi’s husband, Pratiksha, Kinjal and Parul’s father, Prateek’s elder brother (2022) (dead)
  • Tasneem Khan as Kinjal Jignesh Parekh – Jignesh and Bharvi’s second daughter, Pratiksha’s younger sister;Parul’s elder sister; Prateek and Hansa’s niece
  • Utkarsha Naik as Hansa Prateek Parekh – Prateek’s wife, Pratiksha, Kinjal , Parul and Malhar’s aunt
  • Vijay Badlani as Prateek Parekh – Hansa’s husband, Pratiksha, Kinjal and Parul’s uncle, Jignesh’s younger brother
  • Rose Khan as Parul Jignesh Parekh – Jignesh and Bharvi’s youngest daughter, Pratiksha and Kinjal’s younger sister; Prateek and Hansa’s niece
  • Aditi Shetty as Kavya Gulshan Sachdev — Gulshan and Manvi’s younger daughter; Keerti’s younger sister; Ravi’s former fiancée
  • Amit Singh Thakur as Amardeep Randhawa — Beeji’s elder son; Vikrant and Harneet’s elder brother; Ravi and Amaira’s father; Mandeep’s husband; Aditya and Nupur’s uncle
  • Shireen Mirza as Mandeep Amardeep Randhawa — Amardeep’s wife; Ravi and Amaira’s mother; Aditya and Nupur’s aunt
  • Ashita Dhawan as Dolly Vikrant Randhawa: Vikrant’s wife; Nupur’s mother; Ravi,Aditya and Amaira’s aunt
  • Neha Prajapati as Harneet Gurmeet Dhillon (née Randhawa): Gurmeet’s wife; Amardeep and Vikrant’s younger sister; Aditya’s mother; Ravi, Amaira and Nupur’s aunt
  • Bobby Khanna as Vikrant Randhawa:Beeji’s younger son; Amardeep’s younger brother; Harneet’s elder brother; Dolly’s husband; Nupur’s father; Ravi,Aditya and Amaira’s uncle
  • Saurabh Agarwal as Gurmeet Dhillon: Harneet’s husband, Aditya’s father; Ravi, Amaira and Nupur’s uncle
  • Daljeet Soundh as Beeji: Amardeep, Vikrant and Harneet’s mother; Ravi,Aditya, Amaira and Nupur’s grandmother
  • Manasi Bhanushali as Nupur Vikrant Randhawa: Vikrant and Dolly’s daughter; Ravi,Aditya and Amaira’s cousin; Amardeep, Mandeep, Gurmeet and Harneet’s niece
  • Nitin Bhatia as Aditya Gurmeet Dhillon – Gurmeet and Harneet’s son; Ravi, Amaira and Nupur’s cousin; Amardeep, Mandeep,Gurmeet and Harneet’s nephew
  • Riya Bhattacharjee as Amaira Amardeep Randhawa:Amardeep and Mandeep’s daughter;Ravi’s younger sister; Aditya and Nupur’s cousin; Vikrant, Dolly, Gurmeet and Harneet’s niece
  • Naveen Saini as Gulshan Sachdev: Manvi’s husband; Keerti and Kavya’s father
  • Dhruvee Haldankar as Manvi Gulshan Sachdev: Gulshan’s wife;Keerti and Kavya’s mother
  • Priya Banerjee / Shalini Mahal


Fahmaan Khan was cast to portray the lead, Ravi.While, Kritika Singh Yadav was cast to portray the lead, Pratiksha.

Akash Jagga and Gurpreet Bedi were cast as the parallel leads Malhar and Keerti respectively.


Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatnii’s first promo was released on 5 November 2022. 


The darama serial behin from the three main characters, Partiksha, Ravi and Keerti. Partiksha lives in village with her family include mother, father,two sisters kinjal ( second) and Parul ( third) . Partiksha’s parents find a family to whom they want to build relationship by marrying their daughter  Partiksha  to their son. But Partiksha ‘s parents  died in an accident. Partiksha’s marriage cancel and she and her sisters went to city with their uncle and Aunty. Their Aunt , Hansa, wants that partiksha marry her nice ,Malhar . 

Gulshan Sachdev and Amardeep Randhawa are family friends. Gulshan Sachdev has two daughters Elder One Keerti and younger one Kavaya. Ravi Randhava ,son of Amardeep Randhawa, loves Keerti since Childhood. Ravi take care of his family business. Ravi character is sometime funny as he begin to behave like child . 

Ravi plans to purpose Keerti ,he make many arrangements like music , snow spray, and keerti favorite food. When he saw a girl coming down from stairs , Ravi purpose her and then vome to know that he mistakenly purpose Partiksha. Partiksha go to same hostel as ,her aunt send him to meet Malhar. Both Ravi and Partiksha consider their mistake and move on for their partners. 

Keerti accept the Ravi marriage purposel and Partiksha also accept Malhar purposel. 

Both couple become busy in their marriage preparion. Ravi also come to know that keerti ‘s younger sister, Kavaya loves Ravi . Things going good but some people against whom keerti  fail a case want to kill her. They  touture her but keerti become successful to rum from them and on road while hit by Malhar’s car and died . As Malhar was drunk ,when he realized he hit someone ,he run from spot. When Partiksha find Malhar to go home he ask her to drive car. She drives and they reached home.

Keerti died and her murder calm on parkinson as she was driving the car by which keerti was hit. Randhava and gulshan Sachdave case against parkitsha. Ravi consider her murderer and want to take revenge from her. Partiksha come out from jail on bail.

After time leap, Ravi is in depression,her mother decided to arrange marriage him . Kavaya tells her family he loves Ravi and want to marriage. Ravi refuse and kavaya attemp suicide. Then , finally both family begin preparation for Ravi and kavaya marriage. On the other side, Partiksha and Malhar marriage preparation and continue.

When Ravi come to know about Partiksha marriage,he want to take revenge by destroying her marriage. He plan and try to stop her marriage by different ways at a level that he replaced Malhar by himself. When Partiksha family know the fact that Ravi is in groom dress , Ravi run with Partiksha by putting gum on Partiksha. Finally Ravi marriage Partiksha forcefully. Ravi’s family did not ready to accept the marriage but Ravi insisted that he married to take his revenge and the marriage is real. 

Partiksha go with Ravi in his house but Ravi family does not accept her except Ravi ‘s grandmother. Gulshan sachdave is very angery and Kavaya say if Ravi will not left the Partiksha,she will attempt suicide. The day Ravi left Partiksha on the street of her Uncle’s house and come back to home. Ravi’s mother manipulate him to marry with Kavaya and finally he become agree. Now let see what will happen?


Will Ravi marry to Kavaya? Will Ravi develop feelings for Partiksha? Will Ravi realize hos mistake that he dod wrong witb Partiksha? When will reality reveal that Partiksha is not the murderer of Keerti?


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