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Star Plus Serial Dear Ishq Upcoming Twist: Abhimanyu and Asmita Love Story

Dear Ishq is a Hindi language Star Plus Romantic drama serial that Premiered on Disney+ Hotsar on 26th January 2023. It is produced by Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik under the banner of Beyond Dream Productions. Well, Beyond dream productions company is famous for creating High TRP content shows. Sehban Azim and Niyati Fatbabi are playing the lead actors. With their best acting skills, they have started ruling the hearts of millions of fans in a short period of time.

Dear ishq serial cast

Star Plus Dear Ishq drama follows the theme of Love, passion, and sacrifice which is making its storyline a sizzling one. Sehban Azim is performing his male protagonist character of Abhimanyu. He is a famous author and has a huge female fan following. Because of their beautiful Romantic love stories, he is famous among the women around him. But everything takes an upside down when he opens his mouth. Jokes apart, But honestly people are afraid of him because of his rude and angry nature. Though he shares deep, romantic thoughts in his books in reality he has got a very arrogant attitude.

Moreover, Niyati Fatnani is playing the female lead role of Asmita Roy. She is currently a literary editor and critic. During an interview, they both fall into a serious debate regarding their different perspectives on Love. Though, these both have different love languages their fates are tied up together.

Dear Ishq Serial Written Story:

This Disney+ Hotstar Hindi serial is the finest adaptation of Ravinder Singh’s famous work ‘Write Me a Love Tale. Well, Write Me a love tale was published in the year 2021 but has got immense popularity for its best storyline. The First promo of Dear Ishq was released on 17th January 2023 on Star Plus.

The First Episode of Dear Ishq starts with Abhimanyu and Asmita’s first encounter. Abhimanyu has recently launched his new edition of the Love series. And Asmita who has joined her company as the new Editor starts questioning Abhi about his definition of love. Before leaving her home, Asmita is shown arguing with her mother about her huge tiffin box. Which causes her humiliation in the office in front of her co-fellows. Asmita has very logical and classic thinking about life. And the modern definition of Love is a useless topic for her in the 21st century.

In a press conference with Abhimanyu, her arguments caused the meeting a huge loss. Later she recognizes her mistakes and apologizes to Abhimanyu for her mistakes. But Abhimanyu starts humiliating her boss ‘Maya for having such a degraded employee. Out of anger, Abhi leaves the meeting in the mid of it. This makes Maya angry with Asmita and she gives her a last warning to solve the mess she created. Otherwise, Maya will be left with no other option except to fire from her senior editor’s position.

Asmita Humiliates Abhimanyu at Press Conference:

Meanwhile, the news spreads on social media like a fire about Asmita’s behavior with Abhimanyu. Abhi’s fans start sending negative comments and threats about her attitude. Rather than thinking of a wise way, she calls Abhi and starts blaming him for her loss. Abhimanyu is left in shock when he hears her accusations against him. After that, Bani makes her thrilling entry into the show and she fakes his love for Abhimanyu. She tries to impress him by praising his writings and promoting his content. But Abhimanyu scolds her and requests her to leave him alone. He also shouts at her for ruining his contract paper.

Though, Bani has some evil plans that might be the reason she wanted him to sign on a new paper. But Abhimanyu refuses to sign the fresh print paper. In the present time, Bani approaches Asmita and offers her a job. Though, Abhimanyu is a famous personality and he has rivals too. Rizwan is always jealous of him for his popularity. He keeps on taunting him and they both get into a huge rift.

Abhimanyu Breaks Deal with Maya:

In the Second Episode, Maya with the help of Peter, tries to apologize to Abhimanyu. They request him to trust them again and they will make everything better again.  But everyone gets shocked when Abhi demands Maya to let Asmita work under him. So, he can teach her a good lesson and take his revenge on her. But when Maya question on his decision, he ends the topic by saying if she wishes Asmita to work more with him she must let her work with him to prove herself. Maya orders Asmita but she bursts into tears after hearing that. She requests her not to let her work under him, But she tells Asmi it is her last chance and she can not support her more than this favor. In the end, She accepts Maya’s proposal angrily.

Asmita and Abhimanyu Love Story: Disney+ Hotstar

Abhi and Asmita’s love story starts when she joins his team. After that, Abhi visits the Paper Ink company and accepts their contract. Asmita still does not like working with Abhi but because of Maya, she is doing her job. After learning that Abhimanyu has signed the contract and Maya is happy, she gets too happy too. Because Now Maya will not Fire her from the company. Though, Asmita has started working under him. She is afraid of his anger. When he comes to his office, she hides under the desk. But Abhimanyu notices all her actions and catches her red-handed. She hides her fear by telling him that she was just finding her pen.

Meanwhile, Bani is with Rizwan, who is Abhi’s rival. She offers him to work with Fresh Print. During her work time, Asmi receives a call from the hospital to inform her that her mother is in critical condition. And she will reach the hospital as soon as she can. But her mother calms her making her believe that she is doing well. the next morning, Abhimanyu’s company arranges a successful celebration. He invites all of his staff to celebrate this happy moment together. But in order to hurt Asmita, in front of the whole team she pours Champagne on Asmita. He does this to take revenge on her.

Dear Ishq Drama serial cast Real Names with Photos

 Niyati Fatnani

Sehban Azim


Television Show Dear Ishq
Recurring Cast Kishwer Merchant, Puneet Tejwani, Kunal Verma, Buneet Kapoor, Tanya Nisha Sharma, Sanjeev Seth, Roma Bali, Jyoti B Mukherji ,Beena Banerjee, Sugandh Dhindaw Shamikh Abbas, Kaveri Ghosh, Preetesh Manas, Sandeep Soni Viyanna Dadwani, Simran Rawal, Gagan Deep, Priya Shukla, Shiv Pathak, Kalpesh Rajgor, Brijesh Mourya
Country India
Language Hindi
Network Disney+ Hotstar
Release Date 26 January 2023
Episodes 45-present

Dear Ishq Upcoming Episode Written Update:

In the Upcoming Episode of Dear Ishq, Asmita takes her chance and proposes to Shauvik. She is hurt by Abhi’s last act and apologizes to him for rejecting his proposal the first time. At that time, the scene shifts to Abhimanyu lying on her bed. In his sleep he sees Asmita laughing and making fun of him. On the other side, Asmita shares her feelings of anger towards Abhimanyu with Shauvik. She also tells him about his ill-treatment of him at his party.

Moreover, when Asmita comes home she hears her grandparents talking about selling their home for money. To get more job options, she uploads her Cv online, in case she gets another job too. The next day, she receives an interview call which changes her mood from angry to happy. With the help of PR companies, Bani and Rizwan try to ruin Abhimanyu’s reputation in the community. Abhi fires Asmita from her job after the video gets viral. Abhi thinks that it is Asmi who did this to take her revenge. Rizwan promotes his book but Abhi ruins his promotion too.

After knowing about Rizwan’s plans, Abhimanyu decides to bring Asmita back into his office. But she refuses to join back. Abhi starts blackmailing her and out of fear, Maya advises her not to take any challenge from Abhimanyu. He holds the power to do anything to anyone.

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