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Chashni Serial Latest Twist: Nirbhay dies in fire

Chashni is a Romantic Hindi drama serial that broadcasted on Star Plus on 29th March 2023. this heart whelming serial is also available on Disney+ Hotstar. It is a Hindi-Indian language serial which is directed by  Sameer Kulkarni under the banner of SOL productions. This daily soap serial casts Amandeep Sidhu, Srishti Singh, and Sai Ketan Rao. These actors’ performances and the different storyline has won the hearts of the audience since the day of its Trailors’ release.

Chashni Serial Written Story: Star Plus

The story revolves around three main characters, Chandni Chopra, Roshni Chopra, and Raunaq Reddy. Chandni and Roshni are biological sisters but the tragic incident has caused distress in their relationship. They both decide to part ways out of anger and heartbreak but destiny brings them in front of each other after 5 years leap. The story can be predictable because of its Sas-bahu complex scenes and terrible relationship.

Amandeep Sandhu is playing the role of Chandni. She is a loving sister and caring daughter. Srishti plays the role of Roshni. She is Chandni’s elder sister. As Chandni and Roshni are biological sisters and have been raised by their grandparents. Because their parents left them after their birth. At the start of the serial, both sisters have a never-ending/unbreakable bonding but fate plays a dramatic role in their lives.

Roshni’s secret affair with Nirbhav:

Though, these two sisters have completely different personality traits. Well, because of their father Sanjay, their family had to face a lot of problems in society. Without any judgment, Chandni supports her father but Roshni holds anger in her heart towards her father ‘Sanjay. Both sisters are living their lives happily. Roshni has an affair with Nirbhav and Chandni is also in love with a divorced man Manav. Though, Manav’s wife has left him and his daughter alone and Chandni is his only support. She takes care of his daughter like a mother. Moreover, Chandni’s fondness towards Manav is not of a lover but as a good friend. She is closer to Raunaq Reddy. Meanwhile, Sai Ketan Rao is performing his role as,  Raunaq Reddy.

Raunaq and Chandni’s Love Story: Chashni

As Chandni belongs to a middle-class family and she is the younger one. With the help of Manav, she gets a job in the fire department. She has a habit of being loyal to everyone whether it’s her family or friends or her job. With her hard work and passion, she becomes the famous Firefighter in the town. Though, these two sisters were raised by their grandparents.

But in the second Episode, we see that Chandni finds her father alive. And all these years he has been living in a care center. With the help of Raunaq, Manav, and her friend Nirbhay she manages to rescue her father. And brings Sanjay home. After seeing her father at home, Roshni gets angry with Chandni and asks to leave him where she took him. He does not deserve to live with us. Because of him, our whole life we have lived like orphans. And the humiliation and rejection our family has faced all these years are all because of him.

Chandni becomes a Firefighter:

Roshni and her family members organize a success party for Chandni. Manav also joins the event with his daughter and presents her with a gift. Meanwhile, Raunaq makes his sizzling entry into the house and introduces himself as their new neighbor. Chandni refuses to allow him in her home. But her grandmother orders her to be quiet and not to say anything to the guest. Dadi also requests him to go after dinner.  Nirbhay also joins the party and surprises Roshni. And there he advises her to look after her family and forget the past. Later it was revealed to Chandni that it was Nirbhay’s father, who framed her father in the case. Her father was innocent all these years and the culprit was enjoying his life happily out of the jail.

Raj is the main antagonist who hates when he sees Sanjay’s family happy. When he finds out that Sanjay is alive and in the hospital. He makes a plan with other goons and tries to murder him. But Chandni with the help of Raunaq, Nirbhav, and Roshni succeeds in saving her father’s life.

Chashni Upcoming Twist: Raj Kidnaps Roshni

After all those incidents Chandni goes to the Mnadar to pray for the well-being of her father. Meanwhile, She and Raunaq were doing their prayer, and she recognizes Vikas. The real culprit who framed her father in an ill-legal murder case. She catches him with the help of Raunaq and accuses him fr running their lives. Though, Roshni’s boyfriend ‘Nirbhay Vikas’s son also agrees on helping Chandni in this matter. He promises her that he will find strong evidence against his father. Because the wrongs of my father can not be justified and evil can not roam openly in the world like that. But when Roshni finds out about Nirbhav’s involvement in the case, she gets angry at Chnandi for involving him in all that. Upon seeing her concerns Chandni realizes that Roshni is deeply in love with Nirbhay.

After seeing Chandni’s condition, Manav tries to help her. Raunaq and Manav also try to understand her sister’s condition. But when Roshni tries to make her understand but her younger sister rebukes her. When both sisters were upset by each other’s behaviors, Jogi and raj take advantage of that. They kidnap Roshni and start blackmailing Chandni. Chandni with the help of Raunaq finds the CCTV footage. Later, it was disclosed that Raj and Jogi were involved in Roshni’s kidnapping.


Chashni Drama serial cast, Roles and Real Age with Photos

Amandeep Sidhu

Role as Chandni Chopra, Age 30 years

Srishti Singh

Role as Roshni Chopra

 Sai Ketan Rao

Role as Raunaq Reddy, Age 28 years

Chashni on Star Plus Details:

Television Show Chashni
Recurring Cast Vandana Vithlani, Jatin Singh Jamwal, Hitanshu Jinsi, Sumeet Sachdev, Anahita Jahanbakah, Snehal Reddy, Rutuja Sawant, Trishaan Maini, Vikas Verma, Aryan Arora, Aliraza Namdar
Country India
Language Hindi
Network Star Plus
Release Date 09 March 2023
Episodes 21-present

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