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Colors TV Bekaboo Latest News: Raanav Breaks Bela’s Ring Ceremony

Bekaboo is a Romantic-action Hindi-Indian Language drama serial that premiered on Colors Tv. This Indian television show is directed by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Telefilms.

This supernatural drama serial casts Bigg Boss 16 contestants, Shalin Bhanot, and Eisha Singh as the main leads. While Antra Biswas and Shivangi Joshi are playing their roles as their shadow characters. The storyline is based on an English-adapted movie named ‘Beauty and Beast’. People have been excited to see Shalin and Eisha as a couple together but Shivangi Joshi’s entry in the serial has made the fans go crazy. The First promo of the season Bekaboo launched on 22 February 2023. People are eagerly waiting for this show to release to see their favorite YRKKH Naira back on the Television screen.

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Bekaboo Serial Written Story: Colors TV

The story of the Bekaboo serial revolves around Raanav and Bala mostly. The First episode of the show started with the village scene. Where a lot of travelers come to the small village where they meet an old man. This old man warns them about the monster’s presence in the village. And requests them to leave the place before evening. These young people did not listen to him and made fun of him. Believing that because of his old age, the man lost consciousness. But no one knew it was going to be the last day of their lives in the town.

In the middle of the village, this group of visitors start a bonfire, while everyone was busy enjoying and singing. A young girl notices a handsome singer, who was professionally playing the guitar. Later, he turns into a monster as the moon rises. After seeing the monster, people start crying and shouting. But two men lose their lives among them. While the monster was about to kill the girl, he was attacked by another monster. He helps her in saving her life. Though, no one knew who they were.

Balka Completes her Tapasya to get Astra:

Moreover, Those two monsters were Balka’s sons. They were biological brothers but had totally different personality traits. One holds evil powers and the other has good ones. These two always have been against each other and this time they were fighting for the same girl. Their anger turns into a huge fight but they were stopped by their elder brother. Balka has three sons, and she also has a selfish nature. But their father had a deeply loving heart. Balka always wanted to get the Astra which will make her an immortal entity. Upon asking, the old man tells the tale to the girl. These brothers have special monstrous powers and if any one of them gets the Astra, he/she will be able to enter any world on their wish.

Indradoot orders Faries to Interrupt Balka’s Tapasya:

The story is divided into two worlds, one is full of monsters and the other one is ‘Parilok. Where everything is pure and loving. Here No one thinks about hurting anyone. In this fairy world, Menka and Rambha are shown dancing and singing. They are wearing beautiful attires which catch the eye of the audience. In Parilok, Indradoot is the lord and he holds all the systems. He sends wishes to his daughter who is about to get married soon.

Ashwat and Devlika Love Story:

Meanwhile, he receives news from his secret messenger. He informs him that, Balka is about to complete her Tapasia (prayers) for getting the hold over ‘Astra. He orders Faries to cast a spell and interrupt her in her Tapasya while Parinaa and Devika will visit the earth. They will do their duty to save the earth from her evil. When Devlika reaches Earth, Pratham falls in her love. She is beautiful and when she loses her control and is about to collapse. Pratham’s brother Ashwat holds her in his arms and fairies spark of love blooms. The old man who appeared in the village and the girl who is saved by the monster are watching Pratham, Ashwat, and Devika.

Devlika and Parimaa death on Earth:

After a lot of incidents, another twist comes in Bekaboo. Devika stabs herself and seeing her in such a condition, Parima gets heartbroken. Well, in Parilok it is forbidden to take one’s own soul. Because if someone commits this sin, they will not take birth in Fairyplace again. They will lose all powers and will be born on Earth as humans. Though, Parimaa loves her friend Devlika and wishes, her soul to find a way back to Parilok again. After some time, Devlika also loses her life and dies on earth too.

Moreover, the thrilling entry of Kaka in the serial has made a huge difference. Things are clearing up for the audience. Though Rakshas and Pari were dead, their story will restart too. Because these attacks on Earth show one of Balka’s sons has been back on Earth. And if they are back it means Pari is born too. And this time, no one could stop Pari and Rakash to reunite again.

Bekaboo Serial to Take 8-Year Leap:

The Bekaboo story starts again after 8-years. The scenes open up with a pregnant woman who is giving birth to her child at home. Her alcoholic husband does not care if his wife is in pain or not. After bearing a lot of pain, she gives birth to a stillborn. Her selfish husband considers the baby dead and takes her body to his boss’s house to gain his empathy. He only wishes to get the money so he can spend more days easily with his drinks. After that, when he was to about to throw the girl into the river, moonlight falls on the baby’s face. And she starts crying. Upon hearing her d daughter’s voice, the mother becomes happy and names her baby girl ‘Bela’ and She starts telling people around her that her daughter is a ‘Pari.

Colors Tv Serial Bekaboo Details: Voot

Television Show Bekaboo
Recurring Cast Antara Biswas

Karan Jotwani

Viral Yadav

Roselin Sonia Gomes

Shivangi Joshi

Zain Imam

Country India
Language Hindi
Network Colors Tv
Release Date 18 March 2023

Bekaboo Upcoming Twist Written Update: Bela & Pratham Rebirth

In the Upcoming Episode, Bela has grown up and her powers also started growing with her. She can listen and read the minds of people around her. But when she listens to her father’s thoughts about her, she gets sad. Her mother did not know where she lost her money. With her hidden powers, she helps her mother find the amount. And surprises her with her Fairy powers. Moreover, she also dreams about Parilok, and about her previous life. She sees and then writes the whole Love story of Rakshas and Pari. Meanwhile, her mother is worried about her future. She wishes her daughter to become a bigger person. After knowing her mother’s concerns. Bela promises her mother that she will study hard and get the scholarship.

Pratham is also reborn and has gained his all past memories back. He now remembers that Yamini had killed Ranav and Ashwat is dead too. He also finds clues about his brother Ranav’s love interest and finds the confession video too. Not only that, but he also finds his confession about his brother’s ill-treatment of him too.

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