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What to Expect from Anupamaa, the Dramatic TV show that’s soaring success to India

 Anupamaa is a drama television programme in Hindi that is produced in India. Anupamaa that premiered on 13 July 2020.

 Anupamaa: The Indian Drama That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat!

Anupamaa is a drama television programme in Hindi that is produced in India, and it’s quite a riveting watch! I didn’t watch the first episode, but I could not stop once I started. The actors are phenomenal, and their acting style, whether it’s emotional or comedic, really makes you feel like you’re there! If you haven’t watched this drama yet, it’s definitely one you should add to your list!

Cast and production of Anupama

Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi produced the film with the help of Director’s Kut Productions.

An Indian television production firm with a base in Mumbai is called Director’s Kut Productions. It was founded in 2007. The director of this Indian serial is Rajan Shahi. Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Rupali Ganguly are the film’s stars.

Anupama theme song:

Anupama’s song “O Anupama Tu Mera Dil Meri Jaan” with Anupama and Anuj. Their post-marriage lives are seen in parts of this lavishly created video.

 How many seasons or episodes of Anupama

There is only one season of Anupamaa and 732 episodes.

 Where can we watch these episodes?

Disney+ and Hotstar are a couple of the online streaming alternatives for it. It is also available to watch on Star Plus.

 Anupama sends a message to others

The story’s protagonist is Gujarati homemaker Anupamaa Shah. She demonstrates a put her family first and altruistic attitude. Her family criticizes her for being a housewife alone and having an incomplete degree, with the exception of her husband Sanjay, father-in-law

Hasmukh Shah, younger sister-in-law Dolly, younger son Samar, and Dolly and Sanjay’s daughter Meenali.

 Full story of Anupamaa Indian Drama Serial

The Anupamaa Star Plus Serial’s first episode is available for viewing. Additionally, Hotstar offers the first episode without charge. Rupali Ganguly tells the tale of Anupamaa, a homemaker who has spent the previous 25 years living for other people. However, Anupamaa’s tenacity and love for each member are what set her apart.

 First episode review

The first episode of the show does a superb job of establishing the relationship between Anupamaa and each character. There are specifics and events that provide so much richness to the story and to Anupamaa’s persona. Despite being extremely educated, brilliant, and smart, her true want is her family’s favor. In multiple scenes, we see how each family member takes her for granted, but it isn’t until her husband teases her for appearing older than she is that we see the hurt on her face and understand how vulnerable she is. Rupali’s portrayal of Anupamaa’s spectrum of emotions in only a few minutes showcases her acting prowess.

The husband affairs of Anupama

Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj has been having an adulterous affair with his coworker Kavya Gandhi for the past eight years under the guise of friendship. Her daughter Pakhi and older son Paritosh replaced her with Kavya as Pakhi’s school competition and meeting with the parents of Paritosh’s girlfriend Kinjal Dave were going on. However, Kinjal’s mother Rakhi starts to sense a connection between Vanraj and Kavya. Samar and Nandini Iyer, a Kavya’s niece who has just returned from the US, quickly become friends due to their common love for Anupamaa.

 Samar develops feelings for Nandini

Samar falls in love with Nandini as news of their romance spreads, and even though she initially rejects him, they decide to remain friends. Rakhi informs the entire family, who are devastated by the revelation. Anupamaa is forced to start working as a dance and cooking instructor due to a financial problem brought on by Hasmukh’s inability to support his family and Vanraj leaving the house. Vanraj was involved in an accident and started to develop feelings for Anupama as Paritosh and Kinjal secretly got married. Samar discovers both Nandini’s hidden feelings for him and her past accident, which led to the amputation of her uterus and rendered her sterile. Vanraj is corrected by Anupamaa as he attempts to declare his love.

Dance Academy of Anupama

Nandini declares her love for Samar as Kavya is abused and transported back to Shah’s house. In order to fulfill the desire that Anupamaa, Nandini, and Samar all share, Samar commits to open “Anupamaa Dance Academy.” As the divorce date approaches, Vanraj worries that he will lose his family and that Anupamaa would write him a letter. Later, Vanraj is staying at the Blissdom’s Wellness Resort in Surat, while Dr. Advait Khanna calls Anupamaa to let her know. There, Anupamaa learns that she has ovarian cancer. Samar and Nandini, with Anupamaa’s support, decide to call off their engagement once Nandini’s infertility is revealed. Anupamaa begs Vanraj to divorce her so she can be free, while Kavya does the same for Aniruddh. She starts.

 Kinjal joyously revealed that she was pregnant

On Valentine’s Day night, Nandini departs Samar because of her anxieties about being married, while Anupamaa proposes to Anuj and returns to the United States. This breaks his heart, and he vows never to put his faith in romance again. He makes the decision to focus on his dance profession and dance academy as restitution for his mother. Later, as the Shahs prepare to celebrate Anupamaa’s 45th birthday, Kinjal exclaims with pleasure that she is pregnant. After Paritosh refuses to take care of the child and refers to him as a bad omen, infuriating the entire family, Samar steps in to take on the role of the child’s father. Anupamaa quickly announces her engagement to Anuj, much to his displeasure.

 Punishment for Anupamaa

The Shah and Kapadia families each have their own home where they observe Kanya Puja seven days later. Due to his pain from his failed romance with Nandini and the two divorces in his family, Samar, on the other hand, swears never to get married. Additionally, he confesses his fear of turning into Vanraj and Paritosh. Later, both families come together to celebrate the Garba event, but Paritosh has plans to get back at Anupamaa by turning Kinjal and Aarya into psychopaths. Kinjal eventually decides to give Paritosh another chance for Art’s sake, and he enrolls himself in a treatment center to address his rage issues. Soon after, the men and women decide to go on separate excursions, while Pakhi and Adhik go on a clandestine getaway.


Anupama depicts a lady who is attempting to regain her independence and power after dedicating her life to her husband and kids. This drama depicts women’s empowerment and the genuine challenges they face in society.

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