Ajooni Serial Star Bharat Cast, Real Names, Story, Timings & More

Ajooni: The New Indian Drama Everyone’s Talking About

The Indian drama series, Ajooni, premiered on Star Bharat and it has already become one of the most-talked about shows in the country. An forthcoming Hindi television series on the Star Bharat channel is called Ajooni Serial (Ajuni Serial). The setting for this tale is Hosinarpur, Punjab, where an unyielding lad meets an innocent girl. The premiere date for the upcoming Hindi TV series Ajooni Serial is July 26, 2022. On the YT channel and Star Bharat TV channel, Ajooni Promo is broadcast. 

Ajooni Serial

Cast and Production

It is produced by Hemant Ruparel and Ranjeet thakur and directed by Yogeh Vijendra Bhatti. Ayushi Khurana and Shoaib Ibrahim are the series’ stars in the ajooni drama.

How many seasons or episodes of Ajooni

There are only 98 episodes in one season.

Where can we watch these episodes of Ajooni

These episodes are available on Barat Star, and entire episodes are available online in HD on Hotstar.

Full story of Ajooni

It tells the story of Ajooni, a woman who will effectively shield her privileges. Rajveer is an individual from the strong Bagga group of Punjab. The Baggas are a profoundly customary and odd family, driven by Rajveer’s dad, Ravindra Singh Bagga. The Vohra family, then again, sticks to custom while supporting present day thought and showing their little girls Ajooni and Meher. In spite of at first appearing to be confused, Rajveer Singh Bagga and Ajooni Vohra wind up falling head over heels.

Leaving the house is Harvinder. Ajooni anyway stops him. She inquiries him concerning why he made such a move. He perceives his part in all of this. Subsequent to cautioning her that nobody will accept her, he leaves. Aman questions why Ajooni made this move. She is incensed by Harman for Ajooni. She encourages her to keep being a malkin. She demands that she spend her visit here to pursue retribution on Ajooni. She advises her that after Harvinder and Shikha got hitched, Ravinder additionally allowed her to live there. She is cautioned by Aman that she would get payback on Ajooni. Rajveer talks about the issue with his buddies. His buddy asserts that Master Maharaj is to be faulted for everything. He is as per Rajveer.

Aman’s ledger ought to be opened, Harman illuminates Ajooni. Papers are given to her. She demands that she get Aman to sign the records. From that point, Ajooni leaves with papers. Ajooni and Chamko deliberately conflict, and Chamko adjusts the papers. Aman’s room is where Ajooni goes. Aman illuminates her that she talked such a great amount out of fury. Ajooni consoles her that it is okay. She educates her to sign the bank archives. To redirect Ajooni, Harvinder telephones her and addresses her in an alternate voice. Aman validates the legally binding notes.

At the point when Harvinder shows up, he praises Ajooni on her exhibition. She was an extraordinary assistance, and he said thanks to her. He is asked by Ajooni for what good reason he is applauding her. As indicated by him, Ajooni marked the legal documents without Aman’s authorization. Hearing him shocks Aman and Ajooni. Ajooni is informed by Harvinder that their assignment is finished and she does not want to endure anything else. He illuminates Aman that proceeding, they won’t be seeing someone. He shouldn’t leave her, Aman asks. She gave him a separation, he claims, and she left him. She owns up to him that she can’t pursue and that she just marked in light of the fact that Ajooni encouraged her to. He tells her he doesn’t care a lot about any of that. He guarantees he can.

Current story of Ajooni

At the point when Rajveer gets back, he is stressed. Harman says she went outside after you left and brought himself some water. Rajveer orders you not to converse with me. At the point when she calls him, she illuminates him, “I met the party subject matter expert.” Rajveer questions where you may be. Ajooni claims I was frail to prevent Harvinder from taking him. Wait, Rajveer says; I’ll be there not long from now. He hangs up the telephone. Harman informs Rajveer that Ajooni is lying and that he ought to have no confidence in her. Rajveer stomps out resentfully. Shikha and Harvinder visit her at home. My men will manage the party specialist, as per Harvinder. Where is the memory card, he asks? Shikha claims that I ate it so Ajooni might find it once more. Harvinder allures her nearer.

At the point when Aman goes into her room, she remembers everything. She guarantees that he constrained me to take the recorder. Harman shows up and concedes, “I committed an error.” Harvinder requested that I get Ajooni’s evidence and change out the memory card. I’ll go on by telling Ajooni. You didn’t hear what was on the recording, as per Harman, right? Try not to just obliterate your marriage for Ajooni. Just return. She goes.

Ajooni and Rajveer return home. Everybody’s family members go there. Bebe inquiries whether they noticed the confirmation. That’s what ajooni claims in spite of the fact that Harvinder hosted the get-together specialist eliminated, I had met him. Rajveer claims I trust her. Bebe claims that you are confused by her. Harman claims that we should care for her. Bebe professes to have a long tongue. I’ll show her something new today, she guarantees. I totally trust her, Rajveer claims. Bebe accompanies a spoon and gets ready to beat Ajooni, however he stops her and tells her that she is his obligation and that since I screwed up, I ought to be dismissed. Then, at that point, Bebe announces, I will dismiss you. She smothers a couple of candles and requests that Rajveer and Ajooni cover it with their hands.


The focal point of the program is a young lady named Ajooni, who is dazzling and splendid, and who is depicted by Ayushi Khurana. It exhibits her excursion through life, her hardships, and how — regardless of hailing from a working class family with solid family values — she is compelled to marry the man she detests most. Ajooni’s life is forever changed after she weds Rajveer, who is depicted by Shoaib Ibrahim. Ajooni is a young lady who adheres to her ethics; she partakes in a basic way of life and shows everybody a similar love and regard. Rajveer, then again, is an altogether other sort of individual.

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