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Agnisakshi Serial Latest Written Episode: Satvik Proposes Jivika like Salman Khan

Ek Samjhauta-Agnisakshi is a Hindi-Indain language family drama serial that launched on Colors Tv under the banner of Pichchar Studios. This Hindi drama serial is directed by Randeep Shantaram Mahadik. Moreover, Agnisakshi is the remake of another Kannada serial titled Agnisakhsi as well. But the Kannada serial cast Vaishnavi Gowda as Sannidhi and Vijay Suriya as Siddhart as the main leads. But in the Hindi version, Shivika Patank and Aashay Mishra are playing the wild cards. This drama serial started on 23rd January 2023 and also digitally streams on Voot.

Agnisakshi serial cast

Shivika Patank is playing the character of Jivika Rane and Siddharts’ role is played by Saatvik. Jivika is an innocent, loving, and dreamer. She has only one wish to happily get married and have children. While Saatviks is an entrepreneur and runs his own business. He is a nice guy but has one fault that is either right or wrong he only obeys his father’s instructions. His father Narayan Bhonsle demands he gets married and he agrees to his decision but decides to give divorce to his wife right after his marriage.

Ek Samjhauta-Agnisakshi Serial Written story:

The First Episode starts with Jivika’s wishes and Saativks problems. And when they both cross their ways because of Saatvik’s ignorance She fell off from a huge building and gets terribly injured. And her doctor informs her mother that Jivika will not be able to conceive in her life because of this accident. Meanwhile, her sister-in-law blackmails Sativks family to get him married to Jivika because he is the one who has ruined her life. On the other hand, Jivika’s dreams have fallen apart. Now she is aimless and has no wish to live her life nor does she know how to.

It is still not predictable that like other Kanada serail, this remake of Colors Tv will gain high TRPs or not. Because Agnisakshi on Colors Kannada has gained 19.7 Trps ratings since its release. And its Trp was unbeatable by any Kannada television soap.

Moreover, Two families are connected with Jivika and Satvik. He is a kind gentle person like Jivika. Those two have similar personality traits and they can do anything for their family’s happiness. So Satvik who prioritizes his family’s needs more than himself agrees on marriage. Their marriage is decided by Jivika’s sister-in-law who wants to get her married to Satvikk because of her infertility issue. And it will cause her benefits because Satviik is the only son in their family. And if does not produce any children all of their wealth will be her family members.

Jivika Loses Her Infertility because of Satvik:

Jivika who has lost her hope agrees on marrying Sativvks but gets heartbroken when he asks her to sign the divorce papers. The storyline of both serials is quite different Satviks’ character is quite different from Siddhartha’s. He was a fun-loving and easy-going businessman. But Sativ is a serious and moody guy. They both get married unwillingly. But Jivika decides not to sing because she wants to take her wife’s rights. And thinks that it is their marriage that is her only hope. If she loses this too, how will she survive? As time progress it is expected that they too will find love in each other as Siddharta and Saniddhi.

The story of Agnisakhi is quite predictable that both individuals fall in love with each other so their younger siblings will also. The jealous people of their families will try to ruin their relationship but both Jivika and Sav will play their roles as strong partners. According to the Kannada show, Sannidhi conceives and gives birth to two daughters. It is also expected that in Rishton ki Angipariksha Jivika will also get pregnant and give birth to twins.

Saatvik and Jeevika Love Story:

Moreover, the latest episode starts with Rajnandini and Narayan’s scene, where she informs him that we should let Satvik take a break from his work. And it will be better for him to get recover. Furthermore, Narayan also claims that he is happy and relaxed and that he has a loving daughter-in-law. Satvik and Jeevika go on a honeymoon to Switzerland. But Jvika refuses to go with him. Meanwhile, Palvi interrupts them and comes to her room to ask about the Saree.

Though, Pradeep finds out about the pictures and questions Jivika about the truth. Out of fear Palvi agrees upon that and accepts the truth. But when Raj asks him about her honeymoon she makes false excuses and lies to him that Satvikk is busy at work. On that, he informs her that he will book the tickets again but not now after two months. And that time he will not accept any excuses. Furthermore, Pradeep and Palvi start discussing the pictures on which Palvi says that she does want to bring the matter forward. Because this thing can have a bad effect on Vika’s married life too. But he advises her to tell the truth to Satvik so he will find the real culprit behind this. And he also loves Jivika truly and honestly. He will only believe in her, not in these pictures.

Satvik Surprises Jivika on her Birthday: Colors TV

Moreover, Satvik hears about the pictures he goes to Jivika and tells her why did not she tell him. She confronts and tells him that she has done all this to make her father happy. Because she knows he will not come with her anywhere and she can not leave him alone here too. Pradeep hides the pictures and meanwhile, Rajnandini and Narayan join in. They tell everyone that newly married couples must start living their levis except keeping the emanates. Because he is sure that through thick and thin, Jeevika will complete the manats on time.

In the Coming Episode, Satvik tries to make Jivika happy and decorated his home with fresh lovely flowers. He also brings a bouquet and gifts. And at 12Am starts wishing her a happy birthday, Jivika questions why he did all that and he tells her that he wanted to turn her poor lies into a strong reality. Jivika was also gets surprised to see the things she has brought for her. When she asks how he knows about her favorite food. He shocks her by saying that on their wedding day, he noticed her eating all these with full love.

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